Baby Silk Duvet Cover (48" × 60")

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Baby Silk Duvet Cover (48" × 60")

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ElleSilk cot silk quilt cover is made of 100% pure mulberry silk with an ideal momme weight of 22. Available in 10 colors, and size 122 x152cm.

Silk is truly a gift of nature and its properties cannot be synthetically replicated by man. Your baby deserves the best in natural quality.


Amazing benefits of sleeping in 100% pure mulberry silk quilt cover:

* Sleeping on silk keeps skin moisturized and silky soft, hydrated and smooth.
* Silk has the ability to breathe naturally.
* Silk has antibacterial properties.
* Naturally hypoallergenic for a restful allergy free sleep and is great for dry, sensitive skin or eczema sufferers.
* Anti-Acarid (dust mites) Allergy resistant - Dust mites hate silk so is an excellent hygienic choice for bedding.
* Warm in winter and cold in summer silk maintains body temperature.

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