100% Mulberry Silk, That’s What You Need

pure silk sheetsWhen your eyes are full of different brands and types of pure silk sheets, what should you do? Don’t be panic; one thing should be remembered “100% Mulberry Silk”.

The best silk sheets are made out of 100% mulberry silk. Make sure you buy sheets that are labeled as 100%. 100% mulberry silk sheets will consist of a continuous strand of silk within your sheets. When mixed with other types, the silk is broken up and you will not get the same quality and durability. There are some cases where other silks such as wild silk or what is called Habotai silk is mixed in. However, if you want guaranteed quality, make sure that you go with 100% mulberry silk. When blending, you never know what types of silk the manufacturers will blend in.

Therefore, be sure that the silk comforter you are buying is 100% Mulberry Silk before your purchase if you want it with a high quality.