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Best tools to reconstruct the silk sheets

Best tools to reconstruct silk sheetsMore expensive items, more care need to be paid. However, if some rip occurred by careless on your luxury silk duvet, how to sew it up? Is the common needle okay? Of course, the answer is no.

When working with simple reconstructed silk long underwear that have curves, use long lai needles which bend to the curves and have memory. Lai needles can be purchased in Hawaii and from some floral supply companies. Cut off the eye of the needle so it does not catch on the threads. Sand and coat them with clear nail polish so the metal doesn’t rust or stain the silk sheet. Do not anxious about it when such unexpected accidents happen.

Another benefit of silk bedding in winter?

Silk quilts not only can preserve the heat in winter, but also devote to your health. Sometimes, even in the winter people will sweat because they put too much warm satin bed sheets on and then they get too hot and have to get out. Then they quickly get too cold and the cycle continues. But if you use duvet covers silk then you can see that you want get too hot because it will still whisk away your sweat and keep you comfortable. So, relax, why not keep you eye to the silk bedding for your health?

Is silk bedding only confined to summer?

Is silk bedding only confined to summer?For the unique characteristics of luxury silk duvet of light and thinner texture, most people think that silk bedding is only really used in the summer time. However, silk king duvet is very functional totally beyond your imagination that you can also use in the winter. Because it’s so breathable, it’s great at keeping you warm as well as cool. The key to it keeping you really warm is whether you have the right king silk comforter to use. If your comforter is really fully and warm then silk is a great bedding to use. How amazing!

Craftsmanship applied to silk nightwear

Silk fabric can be applied to any of wear, however, besides the main silk sheets, how does silk apply to the floral design over the wear such as rolled hem? Follow me to discover the sophisticated craftsmanship.

When working on rolled hem of the silk pajamas, they usually use the quilter pins or place a long slim rod into the roll of the hem and attach the hooks over it or employ charted needles which are commonly used for smocking. Then a delicate silk robe has been produced with great attention, silk fabric is creditably the most luxury item in history.