Care for Silk Pillows

We discussed before how to care for silk bead sheets, silk pillowcases, and so on, and today now the silk pillows.

Silk Beddings

Silk is made of natural protein fibers with built-in anti-bacterial and anti-mite characteristics. If properly treated, it will not require cleaning too often. From time to time simply hang it out in fresh air for a couple of hours. When cleaning is required, use dry cleaning to clean your 100% pure silk pillows. Please make sure the dry cleaner understands that your pillow is made of 100% silk inside and out. Hand washing silk is the recommended mode of cleaning silk. Use lukewarm water and mild, non-alkaline soap. Hang silk pillows to dry by using a cloth spin on each corner and the middle. Rotate the pillow to the next side every half hour to help the silk pillow will hold its shape.

See, it’s not so hard to keep and care for your silk pillows. If you have a silk sheet set, then learn as much as you from us!