Daily Care of Silk Comforter Ⅱ

bedding silk comforterAnother daily care for silk comforter is “Curing in the Sun” that is a traditional way to care for pure silk comforter.

You should air out your silk comforter using this technique periodically, whenever it becomes heavy or starts to lose heat retention. To do so, place the comforter in the sun (with the cover on for protection) for an hour or two at the most. Because silk has the ability to absorb moisture, this process will dry it out, making it fluffier and lighter, and improving its insulating properties. Alternatively, you may place the luxury bedding comforters in the dryer on extra low heat for a short time, not to exceed 30 minutes.

Spotted, bedding silk comforter should be aired-out once every three months, in good air circulation and keep away from strong direct sunlight.