Difference between Silk Duvet and Silk Comforter Ⅰ

silk duvetsMany people who want to buy silk products will face such a problem “what’s the difference between silk duvet and silk comforter”.

By definition, silk duvet is a cloth sack with a removable cover that is filled with down, cotton batting, or synthetic stuffing. And silk comforter is a thick blanket that is filled with natural or synthetic stuffing. Duvet can be used all year round. There are many different thicknesses to duvets and each level of thickness is rated for a certain time of the year. Silk Comforters are generally used for warmth only in winter. However, many people use their comforter as a bedspread as well and keep as the top layer of their bedding even when they don’t intend to use it for sleeping.

So silk duvets vs silk comforter, which one do you think wins? No matter which one you choose, the reality is that they both are quite useful for our daily life.