Difference between Silk Duvet and Silk Comforter Ⅲ

silk duvetYou will consider the care of your silk bedding after they become a part of your house. So which care is easier, duvet or comforter?

Duvet is very easy to care for. It comes with a removable duvet cover held onto the duvet with snap, buttons, or a zipper. This cover is the only part of the duvet that comes in contact with your skin and therefore the only part of the silk duvet that needs to be washed. But, comforter is much more difficult to keep clean. Their stuffing doesn’t stand up to regular washing. You can fluff it in the dryer occasionally, but most people content themselves with taking their comforter to the dry cleaners once a year. Because of this, comforters must be paired with sheets in order to keep them clean.

You can choose designs according to your taste but also consider its benefits which would help you find the most suitable silk bedding.