Fall in Love with Silk Pillowcases

Mulberry-Silk-PillowcaseWe know you are all probably dreaming about sleeping on silk pillowcases, so we thought we’d give you several reasons why more and more people fall in love with silk pillowcases.

You spend 8 hours a night with your head on the pillowcases so whatever material you choose for your pillowcases will be in direct contact with your skin and hair during this time. The smooth surface of silk pillowcases discourages ‘face creases’ thus assisting with the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines forming on the face. The PH level of silk is the same as human skin and the amino acids present in the silk pillowcases help to keep your skin looking and feeling younger and more beautiful. Also, while silk pillowcases have moisture wicking properties they are much less than cotton, which means it wicks away less of your skins natural moisture and the creams you use at bedtime, leaving your skin more hydrated. Unlike cotton, silk pillowcases are made of luxuriously smooth fibers. This means that sleeping on silk pillowcases cause no mechanical irritation to your hair. More importantly, silk fibers have a very similar structure with that of the human hair, containing 97% amino acids and 3% waxy and fat fibers. This helps reduce hair damage, such as split ends. Sleeping on silk pillowcases will also help to keep your blow-dry, extensions or up-do last longer which means less visits to the salon & less time spent doing your hair each day.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about some of the benefits of sleeping on mulberry silk pillowcases.