Your Excellent Guide to Choose Silk Pillowcases

silk pillowcasesAre you questioning what the large fuss about silk pillowcases is? There are numerous factors why people are shunning their cotton and polyester pillowcases for silk pillowcases.

You spend 8 hours a night with your head on the pillow so whatever material you choose for your pillowcases will be in direct contact with your skin and hair during this time. One of the silk pillowcases’ benefits is silk pillowcases’ amazing ability to retain moisture, so silk pillowcases will help your delicate facial skin to stay moist during the night and increase the affectivity of your night cream or moisturizer. The smooth texture of silk pillowcases also discourages that crinkly “pillow face” and can assist with the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines forming on the face. The PH level of silk pillowcases is the same as human skin and the amino acids present in the silk pillowcases help to keep your skin looking and feeling younger & more beautiful.

Hope you have enjoyed learning about some of the benefits of sleeping on mulberry silk pillowcases and sleep well on your silk pillowcases.