High quality silk bedding Durability

Never despise the thin string and its soft quality of your silk bedding sets,that will be beyond your idea, scientific proof exists that a fiber of silk that is of the same diameter as a fiber of steel is said to be stronger than the steel. That is pretty durable, although it is important to know that all silk is not equal. Cultivated silk is more durable than wild silk because silkworms grown in captivity are fed an exclusive diet silk sheetsof mulberry leaves and care is taken to ensure the cocoon each of the silkworms weaves is kept intact to that when it is softened and unwound into a silk thread filament it stays in once piece. And as amazing as it sounds, a single cocoon of a cultivated silkworm can be up to 1,600 yards long!

Wild silk, while still very nice, is typically called spun silk because the fibers in it are not naturally very long but instead the filaments are spun together to create length.

One silk thread is typically four to eight of the silk thread filaments twisted together. And because natural silk tends to adhere to itself, the silk filaments bond themselves making them less likely to pull apart even after years of use.

Silk will not deteriorate over time because of its natural fungal repellent and because chemicals are not used in processing, but this only holds true if you buy bedding that is 100 percent silk and not a blend of silk blend that contains silk plus other fibers that may or may not be chemical based or have been processed using chemicals.

A lasting time silk sheets, and both soft and healthy, how well the gift!

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