How to Care for Luxury Silk Bed Linen

silk bed linenSilk bed linen is the most luxurious fibers in the world. The weaving of the fabric may contain minor irregularities, these are characteristic of fine silk bed linen yarn which gives the fabric its beauty, luster and texture and should be not be treated as defects.

First, either hand washing or dry cleaning the silk bed linen for the first 2/3 times will preserve the gloss of the satin and will also soften the silk bed linen. There will be some color loss especially the darker tones, but this will lessen over the initial launderings. Second, do not dry silk bed linen in sunlight or near radiators. Sunlight will fade silk bed linen, especially deeper shades. Third, silk bed linen should not be allowed to get too soiled before cleaning, keep the silk bed linen fresh and in good condition with regular cleaning.

Use a good mattress protector or soft blanket under the fitted sheet. Be aware that rough skin on heels, broken and chipped toe nails and even strong hairs on legs can cause excessive wear and pull threads on mulberry silk bed linen.