How to Care for Your Luxury Silk Pillows

silk pillowsThe unique professionally designed silk pillows will give you years of support and better sleep quality if given the proper care. However, when cleaning is required, you should know that hot water and heat from a clothes dryer, an iron and even from direct sunlight, might affect the silk pillows and its special features. By following these instructions, your silk pillows will retain its natural beauty and may last forever.

We recommend using Green or organic dry cleaning. Please make sure the dry cleaner understands that your silk pillows are made of 100% silk inside and out. It is not difficult to make your silk pillows last for many years. Silk pillows are made of natural protein fibers with built-in anti-bacterial and anti-mite characteristics. If properly treated, silk pillows will not require cleaning too often.

We recommend using silk pillowcases to protect the silk pillows from general wear, tear and staining. If you feel your silk pillows can use refreshing, we suggest airing it out or if you find it necessary, dry cleaning. For a stain, you can spot clean the area using water and a silk detergent. Do not hand wash or machine wash the mulberry silk pillows.