How to Remove Blood from Silk Sheets

silk sheets kingBlood, this is probably the most difficult type of stain to remove from silk bed linen. However, there’s still some way to deal with it.

If it’s fresh, sponge the stain with cold water that has salt in it (1 teaspoon of salt per cup of water). Then rinse with clear water and repeat if necessary. If the blood stain has set, still try the salted water method before trying anything else since it is the least harsh method of removing the stain. If it does not work, try making a paste out of meat tenderizer and applying it to the stain, then pat gently to work the paste in and then rinse. How does meat tenderizer work on blood stains? In fact, it breaks down the proteins in the blood which should release them from silk sheets.

Actually, removing stain from silk sheets king is not a big thing, which can be easily solved by everyday items that can be found around the house.