How to Wash Silk Bedding Sets

silk bedding setsSilk bedding sets are considered a luxury fabric for more than their luxurious feel. Cleaning silk bedding sets may require more involvement than other types of fabric, but you can learn how to care for silk bedding sets with a little time and patience.

Some washing machines now come with an extra-delicate cycle which can handle silk bedding sets. If your machine doesn’t, you should care for silk bedding sets by hand-washing in a mild detergent. To hand-wash, fill a sink with cool water and a small amount of your detergent. Immerse the silk bedding sets in the water and gently knead them. You don’t need to use a lot of force on silk bedding sets; in fact, too much force can have negative effects. Gentleness is the key when you’re learning how to care for silk bedding sets.

Rinse the luxury silk bedding sets when you finish kneading. Here’s how you rinse: Drain the soapy water from the sink. Refill the sink with cool water and swish the silk bedding sets around a little. Knead it some more to get detergent out of the fibers. Let out the water again and refill the sink. Repeat the swishing and kneading. If you see no more soap in the water at this point, you can probably move on. If you do still see soap, repeat the rinsing process as many times as necessary until you have removed all traces of detergent, as far as you can tell.