Is Silk As Heavy As Hair?

silk bed setsAs the saying goes, “Knowing is half of the battle.” If you are a planner who is going to buy silk bed sets, first you must know it, you will get a good deal. Now let’s start from the basic.

Momme is the measurement used to determine the actual weight of silk. The measurement is produced by weighing a piece of silk that is 45 inches wide and 100 yards in length. So, if the total weight is 18 pounds, then the silk is given a grading of 18 momme. Oftentimes, cheap silk quilts will have a lower momme. This is because less silk is used in making the sheets. A good momme for silk sheets is anything that is 19 momme or higher.

Have you learned more about the silk? In the coming days, I’ll bring you a step closer to understanding the silk sheets, just follow us!