Mulberry Silk Sheets is Your First Choice

silk sheetsHigh-quality silk sheets can last up to 5 years. Whether king-size silk sheets, queen-size silk sheets, or twin-size silk sheets are needed, look at pocket depth, thread count, and color before buying.

When shopping for fitted silk sheets, keep in mind that pocket depth refers to the thickness of the mattress the silk sheets will best fit. To find pocket depth, measure from the highest point on the mattress, including the mattress pad and any additional bedding that may be used under the silk sheets, to the bottom edge of the mattress. Fitted silk sheets should also have elastic all the way around the sheet. Mulberry silk sheets with elastic just at the head and foot are more likely to slip off the bed. Thread count, the number of threads per square inch, determines the quality of a sheet. Generally, sheets with thread counts in the 300-and-above range are durable and lustrous, and they use a soft fabric that gets softer over time. They are also less prone to shrinkage than lower thread count sheets in the 80- to 120-thread count range. Low thread count sheets, though less expensive, have a rougher feel and are more likely to wear through.

Some mulberry silk sheets will last for years, but can require quite an up-front investment. When deciding which type of silk sheets will suit a buyer’s needs, they should consider budget as well as they will enjoy a silky softness.