Remove Blood from Silk Sheets by Saliva

silk sheetActually, there is one way that can remove blood from your silk sheet naturally without using anything else, that is your saliva.

Saliva is a source of digestive enzymes that your body produces almost constantly. The enzymes in our saliva are designed to break down starches, sugars, fats, and other organic matter–many of which are found in blood. So a rather unorthodox method recommended by a silk expert for removing dried blood is to use saliva. Put saliva on a Q-tip and dab at the stop until the blood disappears on silk bed sets, using a fresh Q-tip for each application of the saliva. Rinse with water. Well, you should probably avoid this way if you’re bleeding from your mouth. Of course, if you’re bleeding from your mouth, a blood stain is probably the least of your worries.

We may just as well give it a try on your 100% silk sheets when you’re in a tight spot, maybe it’s also a good idea.