Silk Bedding Provides Better Night Sleeping

Silk duvet coversIf you are continually finding it difficult to sleep, it is likely that you have dust mites in your bedding. Fortunately, allergy sufferers can get relief from allergens by using silk bedding.

Silk duvet covers that have been manufactured by hand using 100% pure mulberry silk, and layered in an intricate grid pattern have some amazing properties. Because mulberry silk is a natural fiber dust mites find it an inhospitable environment to live in. This is of great benefit to asthma sufferers and is altogether a healthier environment for sleep. Silk duvets will last for years and if cared for correctly will outlast any conventional duvet.

Dust mites find silk an inhospitable environment to live in which makes silk filled duvets very attractive to anyone who suffers from hay fever and dust mite related allergies.