Silk Linen Care Ⅱ

silk linenNow let’s talk about what to do after washing silk linen in details and something we shouldn’t do to it.

After washing, hanging your linen on a washing line is preferable to machine drying. If necessary please tumble dry on a cool setting. Your linen should be ironed on the inside at all times and try to iron your linen when slightly damp and use a cool setting. Never bleach or use any kind of bleaching agent. Bleach damages the silk fibre and will destroy silk bed linen. And do not attempt to substitute a washing agent for shampoo, this will damage the silk and leave a residue on your linen which will look dull and worn.

It is a fact that good silk bed linens with your properly care will outlast cotton and synthetic bed linen and you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.