Silk Sheets Cleaning Ⅱ

If you are not a hard-working guy, it’ll be OK to give your washable silk sheets to washing machine, but you’d better do that after your first few hand washings.

When machine-washing your discount silk sheets, wash them alone without any other clothing or towels. Always use the delicate wash cycle and tepid water no warmer than 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t spin the sheets too much, since it can be too hard on the material. A short spinning cycle is fine for getting some of the wetness out, and also preserves the integrity of the fabric. Fabric softener can be used, but is not necessary. On the other hand, bleach should never be used with silk sheets.

Machine-washing silk sheets is also a good way to save money and effort, since picking a good dry cleaner is an expensive choice, especially in the US or Europe.