Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

silk bed linerA silk sleeping bag liner may not what you would expect when you read the label, but it is the perfect option for using in a hotel or other place you may need to sleep.

These liners are easily put inside your traditional bag to add warmth to your sleeping bag. The liners can add up to ten degrees of heat to a regular bed roll. A silk sleeping bag liner ensures you can have a luxurious bed wherever you may be. They can also extend the life of your sleeping bag by preventing frequent washings. You can use the silk bag liner as a barrier against questionable mattresses or other sleeping areas. These are great for people who may have sensitive skin, or are susceptible to allergies. The sleeping liners protect your skin from chemicals that may be used while laundering sheets.

Silk sleeping bag liners are very lightweight, making them very easy to carry around. Some of these liners come with their own travel bags making it even easier to tote them around.