Stains on Silk Sheets Made by Women – Lipstick

silk bed setsHave you ever thought that lipstick stains on your silk bed sets can be easily removed just like that on your husband’s face? Yes, it is really true.

For stains on silk sheets caused by lipstick marks, use denatured alcohol to take it out. With just a small quantity of rubbing alcohol, wet this into a cotton ball and swab and lightly rub starting from the outside and into the lipstick stain. The lipstick stain should be transferred onto the cotton ball but if this does not happen, gently rub in a small circular motion with the use of a toothbrush. Keep on blotting then until the lipstick stain comes off.

Beauty, it’d better not happen too often, even though it’s easy to get the lipstick out of your cheap silk sheets.