Stains on Silk Sheets Made by Women – Makeup

mulberry silk sheetsMakeup is one of the common stains made by women on silk sheets. In many cases makeup stains can be removed easily and without fuss from silk with a few surprising agents.

If the makeup stain on your black silk sheets is still fresh you can easily remove it. Clean the stained area lightly using cotton dabbed in lukewarm water. Swab the cotton from the outside of the stain into the center to avoid spreading the stain furthermore. If it’s old, mix one part ammonia to three parts water and apply with a clean cloth. Increase the ammonia proportion if needed, to a maximum concentration of equal parts ammonia and water. Follow all ammonia applications with repeated rinsing in cold water.

Take good care of your mulberry silk sheets in your daily life. All you do will make it a long life, is not in vain.