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Shopping for jacquard luxury bedding sets, a beautiful mix of contemporary and traditional design to fit into any bedroom.

To Buy a Luxury Bedding Set

Quilted Silk Bedding

If you decided to buy a luxury bedding set, we will remind you some friendly tips and advises.

Maybe the following questions can help us to explain our point. Are silk sheets a luxury that only the affluent can afford to purchase, or can a person with an average income dream of blissful nights spent sleeping in their bed on their own silk sheets? And if a person does purchase silk sheets, will those nights really be blissful or will they be filled with nightmares because purchasing a set made their pocketbook cry for mercy. Make sure you have taken the above questions into consideration before you pay for a 100% mulberry silk sheet.

Dear friends, this article may make you frustrated; however, we still wish you luck during the whole process of purchasing luxury quilted silk bedding.

What you need to know about silk duvets—Duvet casing

elle silk

There is almost an endless choice for duvet casings. Cotton, silk, polyester etc.. Traditionally the Chinese used a very course threaded casing for their silk duvets. This was to allow body heat to escape through the casing and help in heat regulation. Today, largely due to modern manufacturing techniques a much tighter and finer casing can be woven which has similar properties. The choice of silk casing is largely down to individual preference, however there are a few points to consider.

What you need to know about silk duvets-Tog Ratings

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As of yet there is no official British Standards tog rating for silk duvets. This leaves the market in a bit of turmoil as some suppliers may recommend one thing, and others something completely different. The comparative tog rating system we have seen is by measuring grams of silk per square meter. A duvet filled with 250gsm silk will be the equivalent of a 2-4 tog. A duvet filled with 400gsm will be the equivalent of a 7-9 tog, and a duvet filled with 600gsm will be the equivalent tog a 10-13 tog. It is worth pointing out that many suppliers offer a “combination duvet” which is a 250 and 400gsm duvet that fasten together. There are some good deals to be had when a discount is offered for the purchase of a combination set. For a good deal on combination duvets take a look at a company called ellesilk. www.ellesilk.com

Advantages of Silk Bedding

luxury beddingSilk is the natural fiber that is the most suitable for our sleep and skin. A fabric that’s really light in weight, flows really well, and emanates that luxury glow. Silk bed can help you fall asleep in a short while, you will also feel cool in summer without the trouble of wake up in the night because of hot weather.

Everybody hopes to own a beauty sleep each night. Silk bedding is suitable for all seasons as it breathes naturally and adjusts to your body temperature during sleep! Your living room must be a place where you can totally relax after a stressful working days. Hence, the ambience of the bedroom will take an important role that highly dependent on the style of decorating and furnishing, especially feel of your bedding set. Silk is wrinkle resistant as well. If we sleep on our bedding for a whole night, it will look wrinkle next morning. However, if you use luxury bedding, you will be less worried about making bed. Mulberry Silk protein fabric is hard to wrinkle and easy to return to the original appearance.

As we knew, the bed is always take the centerpiece of the room so that you have to make your bedding a elegant appearance and comforter sleeping experience for selecting a suitable luxury silk bedding.

Feel the Luxurious with Silk Bedding

luxury bedding setThis is true that more and more people are moving to get silk bedding to decorate their bedroom. And the person can have a peaceful sleep after an exhausted and tiring day.

It is said that using silk bed sheets made of silk helps you in a number of ways. They allow you to feel the luxury and comfort offered by silk bedding every night. Silk pillowcases bring a soft feel as if you are sleeping on a whole cotton bed and thus come with other qualities too. You can retain and maintain your youthful looking skin and can get relieved from bad hair days. They are proven best for the skin and for the nervous system because it helps in making you sleep peacefully and comfortably.

The great and most apparent benefit from luxury bedding set you could obtain is health, one which is effectively to make you refreshed after a night’s rest and sleep.

Silk Bedding Bring Glorious Aura to Your Bedroom

silk beddingYou should always look for the luxurious bed lien to match your bedroom. It’s time you owned silk bedding sets, if you desire your bedroom to look and feel elegant.

A set of silk bedding is luxurious, colorful, smooth and healthy. However, Silk has been the most preferred choice of fabric by the emperors and the elite class due to its luxurious looks and rich feel. It has always been associated with wealth. Silk is now no more just for the elite. Today, you can find low maintenance silk available in the market at an affordable rate. A middle-class family is also able to afford exclusive collection of silk bedding. The kind of elegance and luxurious feel silk beds offers cannot be beaten by cotton or other fabrics.

Luxury bedding set can bring the elegant sensuality to your bedroom, which can be one of your good choices while investing in bedding set.

The Tips to Store Silk Bedding

silk bedding setThis post provides some simple tips on how to make luxury bedding like silk blanket that you want to have last for years.

Store silk in a cool, dark and dry place. Airtight containers are perfect for silk storage as they prevent moisture damage. If you do not have an airtight container or are storing luxury bedding set for a short period, putting packs of silica gel in the folds and around the outside of the sheets will absorb excess moisture. To repel insects, such as moths which can wreak destruction on all bedding, it is not advisable to use mothballs as this can leave a strong odour in the fabric, which is unpleasant and difficult to remove. Cedar wood balls are a great natural alternative repellent which you can place in the cupboard on and around your silk bedding for protection.

If you follow the suggestion to store your silk bedding set, it will make each set last for a really long time.

Elegantly Casual in Bedroom

King Size Silk SheetTo enjoy leisure time everyday at home, you can’t miss the elegance that the silk bedding and silk nightwear bring.

There really is something so luxuriously regal about casually slipping into silk satin. The moment you feel some ‘brushed back silk pajamas‘ on bare skin, or pull on your silk satin pajama bottom, you feel special. No wonder people actually think about how long they can wear their silk satin pajama set – before they have to ‘get dressed’! What’s more, a king size silk sheet can’t be discarded to enjoy the almost elegance in the bedroom.

Sleep in luxury bedding set! Let your weekends be super enjoyable, and give you the great vigor and relax every morning!

Care for Silk Bed Sheets-I

You may wish yourself a pure charmeuse silk sheet, however, flinched from ignorance of treatment for silk. Now, you can learn something from the brief paragraph below.

luxury bedding set

Break it in gently. Wash silk bed sheets by hand the first few times after purchase and use. This protects the silk’s sheen and softens the fibers. Use only lukewarm water and a gentle, biodegradable detergent or a detergent specially formulated for silk. Resist the urge to rub the fabric vigorously, and don’t let silk sheets soak too long. When removing the excess water from your sheets, don’t wring them with your bare hands. Wrap the sheets in a large towel and gently twist.

It is worth learning some silk treatment tips before you get luxury bedding set, because when you choose to buy silk sheets, you’re making a long-term investment in your personal comfort.

Silk Duvets Repairing

silk filled comforter

Silk filled duvets make a great contribution to the bedroom’s decoration. They could provide us with a luxurious and noble feeling. We can’t express how much we love them.

However, improper cleaning or accidents can cause rips or tears in the silk comforter. If you have encountered the same situation, learn how to repair silk comforters. It’s possible that they will have a fresh image.  First of all, you need to locate the exact place of the rip or torn seam. You’d better bring some samples to your local stores for the right color. Then, you need to iron the location of the tear on low heat to prevent burning the silk.

Next, it’s time to use the sewing pins to hold the tear of silk filled comforter together.