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The finest quality of mulberry silk bedding, pure silk comforter, silk sheets. Silk bedding sets are made using 100% silk.

Features of Silk Bedding

pure silk comforterWe only know that silk bed sets are very comfortable, but we do not know how many advantages they can bring us. Here I will introduce some pros of pure silk to you.

Luxury silk bedding is breathable and comfortable due to the ability to absorb and release moisture into the air. This helps to regulate your body temperature, while still being able to wrap it around your body to keep you warm. This is important for people who perspire while they sleep or who toss and turn from changes in body temperature. Comfortable silk bedding can help you have a more restful sleep. Another unique feature to silk bedding is that it is both lightweight and comfortable, so you get to have light and soft sheets that still keep you warm at night.

Thus pure silk bedding, like pure silk comforter always makes us feel very smooth, cool and comfortable. It is also the best way to go to having a good night’s sleep.

Daily Care of Silk Comforter Ⅱ

bedding silk comforterAnother daily care for silk comforter is “Curing in the Sun” that is a traditional way to care for pure silk comforter.

You should air out your silk comforter using this technique periodically, whenever it becomes heavy or starts to lose heat retention. To do so, place the comforter in the sun (with the cover on for protection) for an hour or two at the most. Because silk has the ability to absorb moisture, this process will dry it out, making it fluffier and lighter, and improving its insulating properties. Alternatively, you may place the luxury bedding comforters in the dryer on extra low heat for a short time, not to exceed 30 minutes.

Spotted, bedding silk comforter should be aired-out once every three months, in good air circulation and keep away from strong direct sunlight.

Silk Comforters Require less Cleaning

silk bedding

Compared with regular silk blankets , silk filled duvets need to be washed less. To clean silk comforters, it is also better to expose them in sunny day, but not in the strong sun shine directly.

Silk filled comforters do not harbor dust mites, and do not collect sweat throughout the night because they distribute heat evenly. Homeowners do not need to wash or dry clean silk-filled duvets.  You could find a sunny day and hang them on a clothesline for about two hours. Don’t forget to use a clip to fasten it in order to avoid a strong wind. It is better to let the opposite site to expose to the sunshine.

Do you have a pure silk comforter ? Don’t wash them often.

Mass Produced Silk Filled Duvets

silk filled comforters

Compared with these handmade silk filled comforters, silk comforters manufactured by machine can meet with the needs of the increasing number of customers quickly. Of course, with the improved techniques applied in the manufacturing process, mass produced silk items are becoming better and better.

Silk quilts manufactured by machine are almost always made using short fibre silk or a silk and polyester mix. Short fibre silk can be wild silk or any silk off-cuts which are then forced into a duvet casing. They can become airborne and an irritant to allergy sufferers, thus cannot be as effective as long fibre duvets as a heat regulator.

If it is possible, we suggest using handmade pure silk comforter instead of these produced by machine.

Beauty Claims from Silk Pillows

100% silk pillowcaseSilk sheets seem to give us a feeling of chilly, thus some people will want to know why a large group of people like silk bedding sets very much.

The main reason is that silk is associated with beauty benefits, especially when it comes to 100% silk pillowcase. It is thought to be inexpensive way to keep yourself beautiful while you sleep. For women who have curly hair, they could use silk pillowcases to minimize frizz and get resistant hair.

Silk pillow cases also have the function of prevent face creases. Silk could allow our skins to rest comfortably and is even believed to eliminate wrinkles.

Long Silk Fibers Are Much Better

silk filled duvetFor some people who give their special favor to pure silk comforter, comforters with long silk fibers can be better choices.

Long silk fibers have been woven together to form an insulating layer that will both breathe and retain heat. This makes people feel much more comfortable all the year round than a synthetic duvet will be. Although a silk filled duvet is more expensive than other duvets, its advantages deserve people’s attention whether its being hypoallergenic or lasting use.

Comparatively speaking, some old people like silk bedding sets. It is because that silk bedding is soft and smooth. Even though in hottest days, they also could get a comfortable night sleep.

Considerate Health Benefits of Silk Comforters

 Silk filled comforters

Health is still a hot topic all the days and silk bedding has been favored by more and more health-concerned people.

When it comes to bedding sets, people think of comforters at first. It is no doubt that comforter provides us with warmth during the cold winter days. Silk comforters are surely one of the top quality comforters that are loved by a large group of people. Silk duvets are made up of layer upon layer of silk; they are able to allow some of our body heat to escape. Thus, they could keep us at a more constant temperature and we therefore have a better sleep.

To have a good sleep is the most important factor to have healthy body. Silk filled comforters do help.

Duvets with Different Togs for Different Seasons

 pure silk comforter

When you are planning to order silk filled duvet, the following tips may help you a lot. As we have known from the last passage, people should choose duvets with different togs for different seasons.

In summer time, pure silk comforter (4 tog) is good for people to experience the hot days. The lower weight your comforter is, the more comfortable you will feel. In autumn, duvets (9 tog) will keep you cozy in the cool autumn night. When it comes to winter days, duvets (13 tog) will make people comfortable in the winter time.

It is advised that people have a set of silk bedding sets so that they can sleep in a suitable temperature.

Vegetable Silk Bedding

silk bedspreadsIn the world of bedding sets, vegetable silk bedding can be said to be eye-catching. Its eco-friendly and organic feature has made some people interested in it. And it is easy to get the bedding from some reputable retailers.

It will take more time to make vegetable silk bedding as the manufacturing process is complicated. On one hand, workers need to notice not to break the original fibers. On the other hand, they should ensure the process to be free from chemicals. So, vegetable silk comforters, silk sheets and covers can be so different from others.

The uniqueness of silk bedspreads has been concerned by the increasing number of consumers.

Temperature Controller-Silk Bedding

 pure silk comforter Being an excellent temperature controller, silk bedding has the natural ability to offer comfortable night sleep in winter and summer days.

Usually, many people tend to buy silk quilts in order to get a more desirable slumber. Silk fabric can keep balance between absorbing and evaporating moisture thus can provide a pleasing touch. The light weight fabric can keep bodies cool in hot days. It is strongly suggested to use silk bedding in summer.

With the feature of durability, pure silk comforter can be used for years. Offering considerate care, selected silk bedding sets will accompany you to experience each summer.