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Shopping for Silk Sheets- Types of Silk

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Shopping for silk, some basic types of it should be known. The main two types are listed below.

There are two basic types of silk, wild silk and cultivated silk. Wild silk, as you might expect, comes from wild silkworms. The filament threads from them are not long continuous threads like those from cultivated silk so it is not as durable or as strong as cultivated. For sheets, durability is a big consideration. Although they cost more, sheets made from cultivated silk are recommended because the thread strands are much longer. Cultivated silk bedding is most often referred to as Mulberry Silk bedding because that is the only food cultivated silkworms eat. Mulberry silk is the most expensive. Tussah, Habutai, and wild silk can all be quite nice too and are a little less expensive.

How to measure the silk?

As we go shopping for silk bedding, we always hear such a unit-momme. Maybe you are getting confused with it, and what is that?

Momme weight is a way of measuring things developed by the Japanese. Momme weight is a standard way of measuring the weight of natural silk as well as a common way to measure pearls. Momme is pronounced much like the word “mummy.” silk bedding

For silk bed sheets a momme weight of 12-19 is considered good quality with silk sheets in the range of 16-19 being very high quality. Anything lower than 12 will result in silk sheets that are not as durable as they should be which means they will be more prone with damage and tearing.

To standard for measuring momme weight is by using a piece of fabric that is 100 yards long and 45 inches wide. If that piece of fabric weighs 19 pounds then the momme weight of that silk is 19.

The higher the momme weight the heavier the fabric which means a greater amount of silk was used in the weaving process.

Silk Sheets Are Great If You Have Hot Flashes

silk sheetsSilk sheets represent more than just a luxurious addition to your bedroom; they can be a great choice for women, especially during menopause when they may experience uncomfortable symptoms like hot flashes while they sleep.

Why silk bed sheets? When you find yourself in the middle of a hot flash, the excess sweat and heat can make your sleep very uncomfortable. Silk has the unique property that allows it to absorb moisture without getting damp. As a result, the silk sheets will absorb the heat directly from your body and still remain dry, offering you a feeling of coolness. There is no other fiber that can offer the same comfort as silk does during hot flashes.

Although silk sheet set can make a bedroom look amazing, silk is far more than a decorative element. Its unique properties allow it to provide a high level of comfort that no other synthetic or natural fabric can.

Mulberry Silk Bedding Sheets

silk bed sheetsOwning silk bed sheets can make you feel relaxed and comforted while sleeping. This type of sheet feels smooth against your skin and can help you relax as you retire for the evening.

100% Mulberry silk sheet is hand crafted using the finest natural strands and is totally organic and environmentally sustainable. Silk is also hypoallergenic and is well known to repel dust mites, kind to the skin. Another good point to note with pure Mulberry silk bed linen is that the fabric has not been bleached and is sold in its natural state which is an off white pastel shade. No harmful chemicals are used in the whole manufacturing process so you can be rest assured that the fabric that touches your skin is 100% natural and will not harm you in any way.

So give luxury bed sheets a shot, you will not only experience sleeping comfortably the night through and waking up with smooth silky skin, but also enjoy the luxury of silk.

Silk Sheets Offer You the Best Comfort

silk sheet setsSilk bed sheets are the latest craze and more and more people around the world are turning to it to make their rooms shimmer. Why choose silk sheets?

First, silk sheets come in a great many different sizes, such as king silk sheets. They are really strong and durable expected do the threads presenting together. Silk is hypoallergenic and will repel off toxins for example mold, fungi, and airborne dust mites. Silk sheets are not hard to clean because of this and can be machine washed after the few hand washings. Silk provides the highest quality of sleep out truth be told there. They are so comfy. You just get lost on the sheets. Silk sheets provide you with the best night sleep.

Because silk sheet sets are so comfortable and soft relating to the skin and provide the ideal night’s sleep, it makes them a good choice for your bed sheets.

Silk Sheets Cleaning Ⅰ

silk bed sheetsActually, you can hand wash your silk sheet with the appropriate detergent,  if you don’t want to spend money on dry-cleaning.

Wash silk sheets by hand the first few times after your purchase and use. This protects the silk’s sheen and softens the fibers. Use only lukewarm water and a gentle, biodegradable detergent or a detergent specially formulated for silk. Resist the urge to rub the fabric vigorously, and don’t let silk bed sheets soak too long. When removing the excess water from your silk sheets, don’t wring them with your bare hands. Wrap the sheets in a large towel and gently twist.

Note that silk by nature is a strong fabric. Silk sheet set should not be washed in strong detergents that tend to strip away natural features.

Tips on Buying Luxury Bedding Collections Ⅱ

luxury beddingBuyers will pay more attention to bedding sheets when buying luxury bedding. Here, some useful tips for you, just to make your order better.

When buying sheets for your luxury bedding it is also important to consider two things, as well as, how you sleep. In order to get a good fit on your luxury silk bed sheets it is wise to make sure that there are deep corner pockets, this means that whatever fabulous sheets you buy will stay on your bed no matter what. Another thing to keep in mind about sheets or any part of the luxury bedding is that the fancier the design the harder the bedding is going to be to care for.

Don’t just go for the beauty; forget the trouble you will meet. Be sure to choose luxury bedding sets that will fit your lifestyle and decor.

Stains on Silk Sheets Made by Women – Mascara and Eyeliner

silk bed sheetsIf mascara or eyeliner was on your favorite discount silk sheets because of your carelessness, what should you do?

To treat liquid foundation stains on silk bed sheets, also for eyeliner and mascara, the trick is to use hydrogen peroxide; but this agent should be carefully tested as it could make the area it comes in contact with white. Apply the hydrogen peroxide to a cotton swab and apply it to the eyeliner and mascara stains. The tip of the cotton swab should turn dark as the stain leaves the fabric. Do not scrub, but you can blot and dab with new, clean swabs.

Don’t worry, ladies. It was really nothing serious. Just take proper measures to clean the stains on your silk sheet, you will give it a new look.

Two Steps to Get Sweat Stain out of Silk Sheets

silk bed sheetsSweat is the most common stain in our daily life, also easily left on silk sheets. But you can deal with it yourself using supplies from home easily.

First, lay your sweat-stained silk bed sheets on a work surface with sweat stain facing up. Then, mix equal parts ammonia and water in a bowl. Wet a clean sponge with the solution and dab at the sweat stain. Allow the ammonia solution to sit on the sweat stain for a couple of minutes to remove it and restore color. Rinse the site of the sweat stain with cool water. If tackle old sweat stain, use a mixture of 1 tbsp. white vinegar in 1/2 cup cool water. Sponge the diluted vinegar on the sweat stain to remove the alkaline. Doing this will remove the discoloration and any remaining sweat stain and odor.

If you leave sweat stain on your pure silk sheets for a long time, those stains can also cause discoloration. So the faster, the better.

What Kind of Silk Is Durable?

silk bed sheetsHave you heard about “thread count”? It’s also an important point about silk bed sheets. What is it? Let me tell you.

Thread count is the number of threads per square inch in both directions in the weave. The higher thread count of the sheets, the more luxurious the silk feel of the fabric. The problem is that a higher thread count also means that the threads are thinner. Therefore, they are subject to more tear. The benefit of silk sheets is that silk is one of the most durable threads and therefore a higher thread count won’t tear as easily. When shopping for silk sheets, look for a thread count of 400 or higher. If you go too high though, be prepared to buy a back-up in case there are tears.

Inquire some details of the silk pillows you want to buy, which can leave an impression to the seller that you are also an expert.