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Seamless Silk Bedding Sets are made from the finest 22 momme Mulberry silk.

Advantages of Mulberry silk

As a complicated process of producing mulberry silk, it has superior advantage to the other types of silk in making silk sheets. What are they?

The resulting mulberry silk thread is the strongest natural fiber in the world, making it incredibly durable. A silk fiber the same diameter as a fiber of steel is stronger than the steel.

The mulberry silk thread is also rounder, finer, smoother, and a lighter more uniform color than silk harvested from the wild where those silkworms have to eat whatever leaves and plants that are available to them.

silk sheets Mulberry silk is also known as cultivated silk and bombyx silk but mulberry silk is the most commonly used term. It is also sometimes referred to it by its type which is thrown or reeled silk.

If you want the most luxurious, most durable, and finest silk bedding, look for silk sheets made with 100 percent mulberry silk and for silk comforters made with 100 percent mulberry silk floss.

A few other features of mulberry silk include it being 100 percent hypoallergenic and also being odorless and not needing any “airing out” before use like some of the lower quality wild silks.

We just list some of the merits of this kind of silk, however, we would definitely say mulberry silk is worthy of the silk king!

How mulberry silk is made(II)

The cocoons are then kept in a warm place for several days.  Great care is taken to ensure the silkworms do not hatch into moths because that would damage the cocoon and break the silk filament it has woven.  To harvest the silk from the cocoons, they are placed in water to soften the filament.  The softened filament is then unwound from the cocoon.  One filament can be up to 1,600 yards long.  It takes 4-8 of the silk filaments woven together to create one mulberry silk thread.

The silkworms may have a short life with their only purpose to be providing silk, but those short lives are pampered ones.  In addition to the constant fresh supply of mulberry leaves available to them, their environment is strictly controlled to prevent them from being subjected to loud noises and strong odors such as those from fish and the human odor of sweat.

Such complicated and cautious care for the silkworms, then the great mulberry silk comes into being. It is a process the Chinese developed thousands of years ago and have perfected, making them the world’s experts in producing the finest silk, so If you would like to purchase some silk bedding or silk blankets for your baby, China will be your first choice,

What you need to know about silk duvets—Duvet casing

elle silk

There is almost an endless choice for duvet casings. Cotton, silk, polyester etc.. Traditionally the Chinese used a very course threaded casing for their silk duvets. This was to allow body heat to escape through the casing and help in heat regulation. Today, largely due to modern manufacturing techniques a much tighter and finer casing can be woven which has similar properties. The choice of silk casing is largely down to individual preference, however there are a few points to consider.

Where to Buy Comfortable Silk Bedding Sets

silk bedding setsFew things are more luxurious than silk bedding sets. From the elegant shine and classic beauty of the material to the soft, sumptuous feeling against the skin, silk bedding sets bring true luxury to the bedroom, transforming the look of a room and facilitating comfort and rest. Incorporating silk bedding sets into your bedroom decor is an easy and economical way to maximize your room’s peaceful atmosphere and comfort potential.

Silk bedding sets provide a unique tactile sensation with a combination of unusual softness and coolness. Perfect for warm summer night cool silk bedding sets refresh skin and do not stick to skin that is overly warm or damp. Instead, it glides over the skin and provides just the right amount of covering without adding heat. However, silk bedding sets also warms up nicely in cooler weather, making it the perfect choice for bedding from season to season.

Shop luxury silk bedding sets have a lovely, smooth finish that has exceptional longevity, even after extensive wash and wear. The online store offers a full-line of satin bedding such as flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, bed skirts, and pillow shams, with products available in even hard to find sizes.

Visit us to find out more silk bedding sets. We are passionate about silk so if you have any more questions please leave them in the comment box below!

Silk Bedding Gets Rid of Asthma

silk comforterYou may suffer from the Allergy and Asthma for a long time, with so much treatment, however, no effect. Anything can do? Definitely yes, just silk bedding for you.

Allergy sufferers really can benefit from sleeping on and under silk bedding sets. The most common form of dust mite related allergy is Asthma and sneezing fits. This is mainly brought on by related issues from the droppings of dust mites. The enzymes released from the droppings are inhaled and an allergic reaction occurs. Silk bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and is an environment dust mites find inhospitable. Using silk duvets and bedding can significantly help reduce the number of dust mites living in bedding. The reduction of dust mites can have a direct effect on the quality of sleep to those who suffer from dust mite related allergies.

Silk sheets and silk comforter don’t collect dust or mildew. It’s also a naturally hypoallergenic fabric so it’s great for people with asthma and allergies.

Unique Mulberry Silk Bedding

pure silk sheetsSilk bedding was considered the best and fit for the Emperor. Not only out of silk’s luxurious feel and appearance, but also out of its apparent health benefits.

Pure Silk Sheets are 100% natural, odorless and hypo-allergenic. Mulberry silk contains a natural protein called amino acids that reduce the possibility of an allergic reaction. Therefore, by using Mulberry silk bedding, you can guarantee a safe and healthy night’s sleep without the chance of breathing in the bacteria that gets trapped in other types of fabrics. More importantly, the silk fiber used is very strong and resilient, allowing you to maintain and care for the silk sheets for many years without them deteriorating or losing their quality.

Silk bedding sets will protect against dust mites, mold and mildew that triggers allergic reactions. It also is extremely durable and can last for decades.

Silk Bedding Is a Natural Heat Regulator

silk beddingIf you always get overheated at night, you are always suffering night sweats. Silk bedding helps providing a more comfortable sleeping environment by balancing temperature swings.

Silk bedding, such as pure silk duvets always makes us feel very smooth, cool and comfortable. Why? As is known to us, silk comes from the silkworms. The liquid they spit out freezes into silk. Silk is natural protein molecule compounds which not only has good absorbency but also good air permeability. In a wet environment, the dry silk can absorb humidity, absorb the sweat and metabolites, take away the heat of our body, keep our skin clean and avoid the development of the germ on our skin. While in a dry environment, the silk which has already absorbed some sweat can release some humidity. Moreover, it can also help to prevent eczema and other skin diseases.

The silk bedding sets help reduce night sweats with its all-natural, moisture-wicking properties that keep both you and your bedding dry.

Cozy Silk Comforter Set

silk comforter setsUsing good comforter sets help to complement the interior decor of the bedroom. Silk comforter sets were very comfortable and cozy and promised a good night’s sleep and rest too.

Bed comforters are truly superior bedding that can allow you the snooze that you desire, and that’s a really sound sleep which can re-energize the entire body to handle the jobs for the following day. Silk bedding sets might be regarded as among those which can contribute to your obtaining the enough time of slumber that your entire body wants. If you get back to history, silk has been looked at as the material which is appropriate for royalty.

Isn’t it time to start living the life of king and queens for you definitely need to pamper yourself and your family after long hours at work through the use of silk comforter?

Create a Cozy Bedding Room by Silk Bedding

silk bed setsYou always want to make your bedding an elegant appearance and comfort sleeping. Silk bed sets could easily solve your consideration, which is luxurious, colorful, smooth and healthy.

The silk bedding set is always considered as royal stuff that is only available for king or queen or in the sleeping master room of a very nameable person. But now, the fordable silk bed linen is easy to obtain. Not only is silk sheet smooth and soft, but also is it very durable and will easily last 10 years. In addition, one set of silk sheets can be used for year round. In summer, silk fabric itself can wick moisture away from our skin and enables our body to keep a suitable surroundings. In winter, silk will be a heat inter-medium that can maintains your body heat. All because silk is a natural animal fabric and obtained from the silkworms.

Perhaps you have known that silk bedding sets can for giving a feel of comfort, which can be one of your good choices while investing in bedding set.

Silk Bedding Bring Glorious Aura to Your Bedroom

silk beddingYou should always look for the luxurious bed lien to match your bedroom. It’s time you owned silk bedding sets, if you desire your bedroom to look and feel elegant.

A set of silk bedding is luxurious, colorful, smooth and healthy. However, Silk has been the most preferred choice of fabric by the emperors and the elite class due to its luxurious looks and rich feel. It has always been associated with wealth. Silk is now no more just for the elite. Today, you can find low maintenance silk available in the market at an affordable rate. A middle-class family is also able to afford exclusive collection of silk bedding. The kind of elegance and luxurious feel silk beds offers cannot be beaten by cotton or other fabrics.

Luxury bedding set can bring the elegant sensuality to your bedroom, which can be one of your good choices while investing in bedding set.