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Silk Duvet Covers are made from the finest seamless Mulberry Charmeuse silk.

Removing Other Stains From Your Silk Sheets

We have listed some of the common stains happen on your silk linen, and what if others? Deal with perspiration; you could use diluted ammonia (equal part of ammonia and water). Rinse well. And others like Oily or Greasy Stains try some liquid dishwashing soap letting it sit for few minutes. Rinse with water. There are still many for both of us to find out the best solution for it.

But not all silk is created alike. There are many different kinds which mean that a method that removes a stain on one type of silk may not work on another type of silk. Always test the method on an inconspicuous section of the sheets first, like on a corner of the fitted sheet that does not show when it is on the bed. All in all, keep your great silk duvets clean and there won’t be so much trouble for you!

Wash your silk sheets- Step III

The last step is to dry it out. Let the sheets hand dry, if possible, but keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents because that silk duvetsis just like putting them in a hot dryer. It is especially important to keep dark colored silk sheets out of the sunlight because it will visibly fade them in a very short amount of time. But, because finding a safe place to air dry large silk blankets, such as king size sheets, can be difficult, some people have had good luck drying their sheets using the lowest temperature setting on their dryer, the one that is just barely higher than “air dry.”

If you think the sheets need ironing, you can use a cool iron on them while they are still slightly damp, making sure to iron on the reverse side (the non-shiny side). But I will tell you I have never found it necessary to iron silk sheets. If they are gently washed and dried (translation: not twisted and wrung and beat up), they don’t need to be ironed.

One other note about washing luxurious silk bedding – do not put anything else in the washer with them. Wash them separately from your other laundry.

Shopping for silk comforter -Don’t Forget a Duvet Cover

The third character have to be considered is a  silk duvet cover. A silk filled comforter should always be encased in a removable duvet cover that can be laundered regularly. The covers are available in a vast array of materials from different weaves and grades of silk to ones made of organic cotton to a combination of materials. There are various kinds of duvet covers you could choose. Which to choose is up to you, but I recommend a silk cover for the silk comforter. Why skimp on the cover? But if the silk comforter you are buying is for a child, opt for a cotton cover because it is going to stand up to the wear and tear a child will subject it too better than a silk duvet cover will.

You could choose either according to your joy and love, but do remember, comfort is first!

High quality silk bedding Hypoallergenic

We always talk about choosing the high quality silk bedding, why, after all, should we choose that? Only for its comfort or more reasons? Definitely more benefits for our people, and the first one is its hypoallergenic character.

Silk is made frosilk sheetsm the cocoons of silkworms. Like nearly anything in nature, there are natural occurring substances in the cocoon of the silkworm that protect from various threats. Because the process of turning those cocoons into silk is a gentle one that does not strip away those natural substances, the benefits of them are still in the silk when you purchase silk bedding. Dust mites, mold, and funguses all do not like those substances and stay away from silk. This means that silk bedding is a perfect choice for people suffering from asthma and from certain types of allergies such as being allergic to dust mites. That means a silk comforter, unlike a down filled comforter, is not a haven for dust mites.

Silk is also mold and mildew resistant because of the sericin, a naturally occurring protein in silk, as well as several kinds of amino acids. Such a healthy fabric, why not choose?

Shopping for Silk Sheets-Where should you go?

Where to buy your silk bedding sets is an important consideration. Most of you would think about the deparment stores, but I do suggest that may not the best place!

Although department stores are the first place many people go to when buying the silk sheets, you may not want to buy your silk sheets at once because most department stores do not offer high quality silk sheets. silk bedding

As a general rule, the highest quality silk sheets are ones that are made to order for the buyer. Consider doing business with an online business such as www.ellesilk.com that is both the manufacturer and the retailer. Not only are their prices competitive, they know their product very well and can answer all the questions you have, and even some you didn’t know to ask, before you purchase.

Silk sheets are a wonderful thing to own. Once you have one set, you will want to buy more. That are that wonderful.

Long Lasting of silk

Common quilts should be replaced for several years maybe two or three, for there may be parasites on the quilts which will do a harm to person especially for old and young. What will be a good choice for you? The answer is silk!

silk bedding

High quality silk bedding will last for many years. As long as a silk comforter is not abused, and by abused I mean subjected to harsh detergents and frequent laundering, it can easily last upwards of 20 years. Because natural silk originally repels dirt, odors, and pesky things like dust mites a silk comforter does not need frequent laundering. In fact, many silk experts recommend avoiding laundering of a silk linen unless it is absolutely necessary, such as in the case of spilling something on it. But, they also say a silk duvet should always have a duvet cover to protect it. The duvet cover should be laundered frequently and kept clean, as well as the silk sheets.

Why will high quality silk last for so long? Mulberry silk is the king of silks. It is made from the cocoons of a special type of silkworm that is pampered with a steady around the clock diet of chopped mulberry leaves and a temperature controlled environment free of strong odors and loud noises from the time they are hatched to the time they meet their demise when their cocoons are harvested for their silk. Great care is taken to not allow a moth to hatch from a silkworm after it has spun its cocoon. This is so the long single filament silk thread the silkworm has woven as its cocoon does not get broken.

When the silk filament thread from a single cocoon of a cultivated silkworm is unwound, it can be as long as 1,600 yards. The long threads in mulberry silk along with its natural tendency to adhere and bond with itself creates a fabric that is very durable and long lasting.

Whatever the profit and the advantage, silk bedding all could be the most perfect choice for your whole family.

Silk and its legendary discovery

It is almost impossible to say exactly when the production of silk began. Recent Chinese archaeological finds have uncovered carved ivory depictions of silk worms thought to be 6000 to 7000 years old.

According to legend, the Chinese princess Hsi Ling Shi claims the honour of discovering silk. Apparently she dropped a silk cocoon into her cup of tea, and when she removed it, the silk had unravelled into a single strand. It was from this one accident that the production of silk is supposed to have been born.

The Chinese carefully guarded the secrets of silk production (sericulture) for thousands of years. It was a capital offence to attempt to smuggle silk or reveal the secrets of its production outside of China. At one stage, silk was so highly regarded that silk clothes were the privilege of the Emperor alone. Silk had a major impact on Chinese foreign trade, and helped keep the Chinese dynasty afloat through thousands of years. As time wore on and the secrets of silk manufacture were passed from generation to generation, production methods improved and silk became a more widespread commodity in China. It is recorded that the secretes of sericulture had reached Korea by 200 BC and 100 years later silk was being produced in India.

Silk today Throughout the ages silk has been a valued commodity and today is no different. Although the volume has increased, the fundamentals of silk production have stayed largely the same. The natural properties of silk and its hypoallergenic qualities have been well documented and are becoming increasingly popular. Here at ellesilk.com we are proud to uphold the ancient tradition of the silk road, bringing the finest quality silk products we can find to our customers.

The Silk Road

The late 1st and early 2nd Century BC saw the opening of the silk road, a route which stretched over 4000 miles through Asia and on to the Middle East. Silk was traded along this route and eventually found its way into Europe as a highly prized commodity, often considered to be more valuable than gold. It is recorded that Roman emperor Heliogabalus was the only Roman of his time to wear a garment made of pure silk. Marco Polo (1254-1324) was possibly the routes most famous traveller. He travelled through Mongolia and into China, finding the source of the silk road. It was after his return to Venice that European silk production began.

Choosing Silk Duvets Covers

luxury bedding setsA lot of people want to own silk duvet covers as they not only add a touch of elegance to a bedroom ensemble, but boosting your overall health.

If you have not tried silk before you will be amazed at how light and luxurious your bedding will be. Silk sheets and duvet covers just wrap themselves around you giving that air of quality and opulence. Silk is also hypoallergenic and is well known to repel dust mites, kind to the skin and helps keep you cool in summer and warm in the winter months. The Chinese believe that silk can aid arthritis and rheumatism, this is not fully substantiated but this belief has been firmly held for many centuries.

Silk is incredibly responsive to body temperature, and it is the most hypoallergenic material you can buy, so you can expect a high quality sleep with luxury bedding sets.

Intensify Your Bed Romance with A Silk Duvet Cover

silk duvet coverA lovely way to start doing a makeover in your bedroom is to buy silk duvet covers for your bed. Putting this on your bed makes it not only attractive but practical, too.

Once you put it on your bed, you’ll truly feel like a king or queen because of its soft cushion and silky feel. Both parents and kids will truly benefit from having this luxury duvet covers that are perfect for any type of bedroom. Whether you have a small bed or a huge one, silk bed sets guarantee you an elegant bedroom. This cover lets you relax even more because it’s made of soft cushions. Once you feel the way it cuddles your whole body especially your back, it would be difficult for you to stand up again.

Silk duvet cover set is a must have for anybody that wants to spruce up their bedroom, while still resting in comfort. Thus, buying a silk duvet cover is smart and you will be glad by your decision.

Silk Bedding Provides Better Night Sleeping

Silk duvet coversIf you are continually finding it difficult to sleep, it is likely that you have dust mites in your bedding. Fortunately, allergy sufferers can get relief from allergens by using silk bedding.

Silk duvet covers that have been manufactured by hand using 100% pure mulberry silk, and layered in an intricate grid pattern have some amazing properties. Because mulberry silk is a natural fiber dust mites find it an inhospitable environment to live in. This is of great benefit to asthma sufferers and is altogether a healthier environment for sleep. Silk duvets will last for years and if cared for correctly will outlast any conventional duvet.

Dust mites find silk an inhospitable environment to live in which makes silk filled duvets very attractive to anyone who suffers from hay fever and dust mite related allergies.