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Removing blood from your silk sheets

Whatever gentle care for your luxious and soft silk sheets, some unexpected incident will also occur and what to do if some stains left on your silk bedding? Ways are provided for the special stains removing, one of the most common types is blood!

The earlier you treat it the easier it is to remove it. If it is still fresh, sponge the stain with cold water that has salt in it (1 teaspoon of salt per cup of water). Then rinse with clear water and repeat if necessary.

If the blood stain has set, still try the salted water method before trying anything else since it is the least harsh method of removing the stain from your luxious silk duvets. If it does not work, try making a paste out of meat tenderizer and applying it to the stain. Pat gently to work the paste in and then rinse. How does meat tenderizer work on blood stains? It breaks down the proteins in the blood which should release them from the fabric.

A rather unorthodox method recommended by one silk expert for removing dried blood is to use saliva. Put saliva on a Q-tip and dab at the stop until the blood disappears, using a fresh Q-tip for each application of the saliva. Rinse with water.

Of course, this is a folk way to remove the blood out of your silk bed linen, but why not have a try, it may effect better than you thought.

Some Shrinking of Fabric is Normal

silk duvetsThere might be some shrink occasions happened on your silk bedding, do not worry about that, it doesn’t present it is not a quality one. It is normal for most silk sheets to shrink a little during the first few washings, usually about three to four percent. It is a normal occurrence and should not make you feel like you are doing something wrong. The manufacturers take shrinkage into consideration when they make the sheets so they should still fit your bed just fine after those first few washings.

As a recap, gentle washing and gentle drying is what your silk sheets want to do to help them last a long time and give you many years of happy dreams on them.

Two tips for silk

We have ever described many of the measurements to decide whether one silk linen or silk pillowcase is a high qualitied one, so many tips may you not remember all, just remember the following two, you won’t miss your perfect silk bedding sheets.

Although the type and quality of the silk is a major consideration, do not overlook the weight of it.  silk sheetsHigh quality silk bedding sets, should have a momme weight of at least 12, but more normally between 16 -19, and in the case of duvet covers as high as the low 20’s. The larger the momme number, the heavier the silk, and the more silk that was used in that fabric’s construction.  Any silk with a momme weight lower than 12 isn’t suitable for bedding, although there is a lot of it out there that does have a momme weight under 12. The lighter weight bedding won’t be as durable.

Don’t overlook thread count although check the momme weight first. That’s the more important consideration, but do opt for silk bedding with a thread count of 400 or higher to ensure you are getting the finest quality mulberry silk that will last for many years.

Master the two common methods, start your shopping for your silk bedding.

What you need to know about silk linen

Sleeping on silk bed linen is truly wonderful, but like travelling first class on an aeroplane, it’s very difficult to go back to the ordinary once you have tried the best.

Silk bed linen is unlike any other kind of linen. It’s light, soft, airy and at the same time incredibly warm. Silk bedding will easily outlast cotton bedding when cared for in the correct way.

Silk bedding

There are many, many varieties of silk bed linen available. To learn more about the varieties and which varieties are more suited to bed linen than others,

As with most things, you get what you pay for and silk bed linen is no exception. Good quality bed linen will cost more than inferior quality. In silk this is because in good quality linen there is physically more silk in the item than an inferior quality product. Silk is graded in momme and nowhere is silk momme weight more relevant than in silk bedding. Good silk sheets,silk pillowcases and silk duvet covers should be a minimum of 16 momme. Any less and the silk will not be physically strong enough the withstand the rigours silk bedding endures.

An ideal bed linen weight is 19 momme. Heavier weights can be a bit course, whereas lighter weights are too soft and susceptible to rips and tears.

Silk Pillowcase and Health

silk pillowcasesWe need to sleep for at least 6 hours one day, so we must choose a good pillowcase for ourselves. How to judge one pillowcase is healthful or not should be paid much attention to. For pillowcases, there are many kinds, while silk pillowcases are high-quality ones.

There are many kinds of pillowcases in the world. As is studied, traditional pillowcases are bad for our skin. In the modern society, more and more kinds of materials for a pillowcase have come out to be used. The best choice is of course silk pillowcase. It is the most natural and healthful material for our skin and can keep our skin as well as our hair moisture and shiny. It has many kinds of amino acids that our body need and can keep us healthy even when we are sleeping. What’s more, if you have some allergy or other skin diseases, you had better choose silk bedding, it can keep your skin health because of the unique components it has.

We should choose the high-quality silk pillowcase and other silk bed sets for living a healthy life. You speed of aging and condition of skin can be improved quickly. When you are awake in the morning, your spirit will be good and facial lines will decrease for a large step.

Awesome Silk Pillow Cases

silk pillowcaseSome of you might have heard about sleeping on silk pillowcases to keep from causing wrinkles on the side of your face that you sleep on, but there is far more.

First, silk is a very delicate material which is kind to both skin and hair. Legend has it that those who sleep on silk pillows wake up without bed head! For men and women who are concerned about their skin because of wrinkles or breakouts, silk is a great alterative. Second, sleeping on a silk pillowcase feels absolutely wonderful. The cool, soft touch of 100 percent silk is simply heaven. For fans of cool pillows, there is no better material. If you’re the kind of person who constantly flips her pillow throughout the night in an endless pursuit of the cool side, you’ll cherish silk pillowcases. Because silk is highly responsive to body temperature, silk pillow cases are perfect for summer and winter alike.

Sleeping on silk pillowcase not only makes your skin look better and younger over time, but helps you stay cool during the warmer months and warm during cooler months.

Silk Pillowcases Benefits to Hair

Over the recent years, silk pillow cases have gained increasing popularity not only as a beautiful and opulent addition to your bed, but also as a beauty product for healthy and great looking hair.

Silk pillow case has one of the lowest moisture absorption rates of any fabric on the market. This helps your hair maintain more of its natural moisture so it doesn’t dry out as quickly. Dry hair is one of the primary causes of damage to your hair. Reduce friction against hair while sleeping at night. Silk is very smooth and the weaves are much tighter than you will find with other textiles. This means your hair will have: Less split ends, less broken hair strands, less pulling and stress on hair roots.

Silk Pillowcases prevent hair from tangling as you move in our sleep and help keep our hairstyle better for the next day. Why don’t you switch to a silk pillowcase?

Silk Pillowcases Make You Prettier

Silk pillowcasesSilk pillowcases are made of 100% of the highest quality Mulberry silk, which helps provide the slip and softness to help prevent creases, wrinkles.

Some suggest that silk pillow cases are good for your skin thanks to their natural proteins and superior breathability. Research has shown that a special kind of silk clothing can help reduce the severity of eczema compared to cotton clothing in extreme sufferers. But the smoothness of silk can also play a role in its skin-friendly benefits. As we get older, our skin loses some of its elasticity. That means the normal sleep lines and wrinkles we get overnight stay on our faces longer. Silk pillowcases help you avoid these sleep lines and wrinkles in the first place, and reduce the stress on your facial skin as you sleep.

100% silk pillowcases are by far one of the best kept secrets out there and so easy and simple to implement too. So say BYE to facial creases and get ready to say hello gorgeous every morning!

Silk Pillowcases Improve Your Skin

silk pillowcaseEver woken up with a sleep-crease or a sleep line on your face? The solution to this problem is simple, and the effects are immediate: Sleep on a silk pillowcase.

Silk pillowcases are the nearest thing to human skin known to man. Silk contains a natural protein and 18 essential amino acids. Studies have shown that amino acids can counter the effects of aging, especially in the facial skin. Silk also contains natural cellular albumen, which helps speed up metabolism of skin cells — thus helping to reduce signs of aging. Wrinkles are caused by a consistent loss of daily moisture and skin elasticity that go far beyond the sleeping hours. Unlike cotton a very absorbent fiber, silk will not absorb natural moisture from your face and hair, or facial beauty creams while you sleep. It allows for more effective use of night creams, providing better skin hydration, as a result giving you a clearer skin.

Silk pillow cases are designed to work naturally with skin and make night-time beauty routines more effective. Doesn’t your body deserve the same softness as well?

Silk Pillowcases Shiny Hair

silk pillowcaseWe’ve all heard this age old tip, but have any of you sleeping beauties actually tried it? You should! Here is the low-down on why using a 100% silk pillowcase is great for your hair.

The reason being, hair care is seemingly the biggest factor with people for purchasing silk pillowcases. Silk contains proteins which a healthy hair follicle needs meaning that while you sleep your hair is being nourished, perfect for those who are follicle-challenged. And since silk has so many amino acids in common with your hair, it will help reduce damage, like spilt ends, as well. For your hair, it truly does pay to sleep on a silk pillowcase.

Are you tired of waking up in the morning and having hair that looks like you just stuck your finger in a socket? Sleeping on silk pillow cases will help keep that bed head under control.