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Online shopping for 100% silk bedding sets, silk bedding and discover the luxury of them.

Another benefit of silk bedding in winter?

Silk quilts not only can preserve the heat in winter, but also devote to your health. Sometimes, even in the winter people will sweat because they put too much warm satin bed sheets on and then they get too hot and have to get out. Then they quickly get too cold and the cycle continues. But if you use duvet covers silk then you can see that you want get too hot because it will still whisk away your sweat and keep you comfortable. So, relax, why not keep you eye to the silk bedding for your health?

Some Shrinking of Fabric is Normal

silk duvetsThere might be some shrink occasions happened on your silk bedding, do not worry about that, it doesn’t present it is not a quality one. It is normal for most silk sheets to shrink a little during the first few washings, usually about three to four percent. It is a normal occurrence and should not make you feel like you are doing something wrong. The manufacturers take shrinkage into consideration when they make the sheets so they should still fit your bed just fine after those first few washings.

As a recap, gentle washing and gentle drying is what your silk sheets want to do to help them last a long time and give you many years of happy dreams on them.

Shopping for silk comforter Filling

silk sheets

Silk comforter are progressively welcomed by more and more people, and what have to be regarded when you shop for it? Filling is one of the things need to be considered.

Buy the best filling you can afford. If your pocketbook can afford it, go for a silk comforter with 100 percent mulberry filling. It is the most durable and the highest quality because mulberry silk comes from silkworms raised in captivity under exacting conditions designed to produce the best silk possible. Comforters with Habutai and Tussah silk will be less expensive but the quality will not be quite as high either.

Two tips for silk

We have ever described many of the measurements to decide whether one silk linen or silk pillowcase is a high qualitied one, so many tips may you not remember all, just remember the following two, you won’t miss your perfect silk bedding sheets.

Although the type and quality of the silk is a major consideration, do not overlook the weight of it.  silk sheetsHigh quality silk bedding sets, should have a momme weight of at least 12, but more normally between 16 -19, and in the case of duvet covers as high as the low 20’s. The larger the momme number, the heavier the silk, and the more silk that was used in that fabric’s construction.  Any silk with a momme weight lower than 12 isn’t suitable for bedding, although there is a lot of it out there that does have a momme weight under 12. The lighter weight bedding won’t be as durable.

Don’t overlook thread count although check the momme weight first. That’s the more important consideration, but do opt for silk bedding with a thread count of 400 or higher to ensure you are getting the finest quality mulberry silk that will last for many years.

Master the two common methods, start your shopping for your silk bedding.

Why Choose a Silk Duvet?

silk duvetsMore and more people are choosing to buy a silk duvet instead of a traditional one. Here are top reasons for choosing a silk duvet:

Breath-ability – the ability of the filling inside the duvet to transpire and capture air, which regulates the temperature and keeps it balanced.

Hypoallergenic – the ability to reduce the level of bacteria and dust mites present in the bed to lessen allergy attacks at night. Moisture – absorbing body moisture at night to keep your skin dry.

Wash ability – the ability of the silk duvet or silk quilts to be washed in a regular washing machine at higher temperatures to refresh its abilities.

With the benefits associated with sleeping with silk duvets, why don’t you buy a silk duvet to enjoy a matchless comfort that you and your family will love?

How to Care for Raw Silk Quilts Ⅱ

silk quiltsThere are two ways to make the raw silk quilt dry after washing it. Here we’ll introduce them to you.

One is by rolling it in a towel and gently blotting the fabric to absorb the extra water. Do not hang the fabric while wet or lay it in direct sunlight to dry. The weight of the wet fabric can break the fibers and the sunlight can cause the fabric to fade. Lay it down on a couple of large beach towels to dry. The other way is by putting itin a clothes dryer for a half an hour on the “no heat” cycle. Remove it promptly from the dryer to avoid wrinkling. Iron the quilt to remove any wrinkles that may occur. Set the iron to a low heat and test it on a small corner of the silk quilt in an inconspicuous spot before applying it to a more visible area.

Finally, don’t forget to store silk quilts with some cedar blocks and keep them away from direct sunlight.

Two Clever Uses for Silk Duvets

silk quiltsIf you wish to know more about how to use silk duvets other than sleep with, here are 2 clever ways people are using them.

If you have some spare time and are watching your favorite TV show, get your silk duvet and use it for warmth instead of the usual throw or blanket. High quality silk quilts are great way to keep warm and comfortable at the same time. Since silk duvets are flexible but durable, they are also perfect as simple covers without dealing with the excess bulkiness of a feather blanket or comforter. Are you an avid reader and lover of books? Curling up with a good story is one of the small pleasures of life, but why not use your silk duvet as a companion to stay comfy while reading?

Why don’t you choose the clever uses for maximum fun while using silk duvet?

Tips on Faux Silk or Real SilkⅠ

silk bed linenSome say, “I still don’t know how to distinguish the faux silk and real silk after I know more features about silk bed linen.” Here, some tricks for you.

First, the real silk has the pearl-like luster, soft and not harsh. Although the artificial silk also has the luster, this kind of luster is like the metal and appears bright and harsh, or appears dull. Second, the real silk quilts have soft touch, and ice-cold sense. The artificial silk has the coarse, stiff sense, and brings the clammy sense. Third, the real silk has the “silk sound”, and the artificial silk does not have. When we use real silk products to rub to each other, this sound would occur.

Are you feeling you can handle on it? Just leave the seller alone, observe the silk covers as carefully as you can. The one who will pay for it, it’s you!

Is Silk As Heavy As Hair?

silk bed setsAs the saying goes, “Knowing is half of the battle.” If you are a planner who is going to buy silk bed sets, first you must know it, you will get a good deal. Now let’s start from the basic.

Momme is the measurement used to determine the actual weight of silk. The measurement is produced by weighing a piece of silk that is 45 inches wide and 100 yards in length. So, if the total weight is 18 pounds, then the silk is given a grading of 18 momme. Oftentimes, cheap silk quilts will have a lower momme. This is because less silk is used in making the sheets. A good momme for silk sheets is anything that is 19 momme or higher.

Have you learned more about the silk? In the coming days, I’ll bring you a step closer to understanding the silk sheets, just follow us!

Polyester Comforter Cleaning Method

silk comforter

Usually, the washing instruction on label will be helpful whether for cleaning silk quilts or polyester comforters. If you can’t find them, you could do as the following tips.

First of all, you could place your polyester duvet in the washing machine and wash them in a gentle setting with soft laundry detergent. After you have washed them, you could place it in the dryer and dry on the warm setting for 30 to 40 minutes. If it is still wet, you could dry it in another five to ten minutes until it is OK.

It will take another 8 hours to make sure that the silk comforter is dry enough for placing on your bed.