Tips on Faux Silk or Real SilkⅡ

pure silk sheetsYou should also pay more attention to the elasticity of the pure silk sheets except the last several points. OK, let’s go on learning it.

The real silk has very excellent elasticity. When we need a real silk cover into a mass and then open it, it hardly create wrinkle. Even the wrinkle occurs, it would disappear at once. The artificial silk is different. It disposed in the same way could create many wrinkles which are not easy to disappear. If the conditions allow, we could draw out a hair of silk, and dampen it by tongue. The wet real silk has the same elasticity as the dry real silk, and the wet artificial silk is easier to be broken than the dry artificial silk.

It’s not an easy thing for you to buy real luxury silk bedding sets if you don’t know these features. Thus, don’t be afraid of troubles, good things belong to you.