What’s in the Silk Comforter?

mulberry silk comforterAre you going to buy a silk comforter? Here is the introduction in all aspects for you. Firstly, let’s begin with the filling in the silk comforter.

Buy the best filling you can afford. If your pocketbook can afford it, go for a mulberry silk comforter with 100 percent mulberry filling. It is the most durable and the highest quality because mulberry silk comes from silkworms raised in captivity under exacting conditions designed to produce the best silk possible. Comforters with Habutai and Tussah silk will be less expensive but the quality will not be quite as high either.

This is the second time we refer 100% mulberry silk, it is obvious how important it is when you buy silk bedding. However, no matter what kind of the filling is in silk comforters, buy what you want at its real price.