100% Seide gefülltes Kissen

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100% Seide gefülltes Kissen

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Regular Price: 176,25 €

Special Price 131,97 €



Das Seiden-gefüllte Kissen ist kompakt und fest und bietet die optimale Unterstützung für Ihren Nacken. Mit der Seidenfüllung und der Baumwoll-Hülle bleibt das Kissen kühl während der Nacht, was sich in einem komfortableren und entspannteren Schlaf zeigt.


Füllung: 100% natürliche, langfaserige Spitzenqualitäts-Maulbeerseide

Hülle:Baumwolle mit Fadendichte 300

Zertifikat: Zertifiziert nach international anerkanntem Oeko-Tex Standard 100


  • Muss selten gereinigt werden. Einfach an einem sonnigen Tag die Decke draussen auslüften, um sie aufzufrischen
  • Nur chemische Reinigung

Das mit 100% Seide gefüllte Kissen ist die beste und perfekte Lösung für den ultimativen Nachtschlaf. Seide ist hypoallergen und somit grossartig für Allergiker und zudem hilfreich für Personen mit Schmerzen und Leiden, wie juckende Haut bei Ekzemen und Rosacea. Dieses luxuriöse Seidenkissen hält Ihre Kopf-Temperatur die ganze Nacht konstant, da Seide ein atmungsaktiver Stoff ist und das Schwitzen verhindert.


    • Die Seidenkissen sind mit 100% Seidengarn mit der höchsten Qualität (6A) gefüllt. Wir wählen das hochwertigste Seidengewebe aus, um ein neues Maß an Luxus und Komfort zu erreichen.

    • Wir sind auf die Verwendung von organischen, natürlichen und nicht toxischen Materialien spezialisiert und wurden vom Öko-Tex Standard 100 wissenschaftlich getestet und zertifiziert.

    • ElleSilk.com wird speziell in Auftrag gegeben und nach unseren hohen Standards gefertigt. Unser Stolz der Verarbeitung zeigt sich in jedem durchdachten Detail, wodurch diese Seidenkissen frisch und atmungsaktiv sind.

Customer Reviews 34 item(s)

This is so nice
This is so nice! Needed it this year but think I'll get another for next year. Review by Jasmine / (Posted on 18.01.2019)
The items are very good.
The items are very good. Very impressed with the whole website and the service. Review by Carolyn Huff  / (Posted on 18.01.2019)
Love this pillow!!!
I absolutely love these pillows. I was in desperate need of replacing the ones I had due to how long I had them and how flat they ended up. The first night I slept better than I have in a long time. I didn't wake up once to re-adjust or re-fluff the pillow. I just wish I wouldn't have waited so long to get them. Review by Nikki Doolittle / (Posted on 26.07.2018)
Cured My Neck Pain!
I've had chronic neck pain on and off for years. By Aug of last year, I'd been having trouble turning my head without a lot of pain, due to knotted muscles, for about a year. I needed new pillows so I read reviews on quite a few. This one sounded like maybe it would help, so I figured I'd give it a try. The day after receiving it, I woke up with very little neck pain. The 2nd day I woke up with NO neck pain! Review by Desert Dweller / (Posted on 26.07.2018)
I've paid more for less.
I'm a side sleeper who doesn't like a "tall" pillow. I want support but not feel like my neck is up on a block! This is a pretty good pillow for that. I have paid a lot more money for "side sleeper pillows" that weren't nearly as good. Review by Pat J. Vanhooser / (Posted on 25.07.2018)
Mom's Pillows
I bought these for my Mom. She was delighted with the quality of the pillows. The pillow was made with high quality silk and designed to last. Very comfortable. Review by kimberly robinette / (Posted on 24.07.2018)
So fluffy!
These pillows are wonderful. They're nice and fluffy and don't get a huge dent in them after a couple of uses. I've been using them for almost a week and they've maintained their shape. If you're looking for a basic, comfy pillow, this is it. Review by C. Corrigan / (Posted on 24.07.2018)
Good product
Not sure how long it will stay plush, but this pillow has been great so far. Review by L / (Posted on 23.07.2018)
I like it
I like it. It's not perfect and I still get some headaches (though less) but for the price it's pretty good.Thank you. Review by Trisha Cragg / (Posted on 23.07.2018)
Soft but not too soft
This is a nice pillow which gets my recommendation. I plan on buying an additional one in the near future. 5 stars. Review by Lawrence A / (Posted on 20.07.2018)
very comfy
very comfortable pillows. Firm, but not hard.
I have a good nights sleep when I sleep on this pillow. The price was fair too. Review by threelabs / (Posted on 20.07.2018)
Sleep Better is a great name for it
My doctor said I had to elevate my legs while I sleep, get them above my heart. I folded up an old comforter, but that was lumpy and shifted around. Adding this soft and cozy pillow on top made it exactly what the doctor ordered. Review by Barbara Frederick / (Posted on 19.07.2018)
Perfect pillow
I did a lot of research before pulling the trigger on these pillows. After a month, they are still holding their shape and are extremely comfortable. Review by Kirsten M. Thompson / (Posted on 19.07.2018)
Great pillow
I am in Afghanistan and have been using these cheap pillows for way too long. It is nice to finally lay my head on a pillow that gives me the support that I need. Review by Gene Crutchfield / (Posted on 18.07.2018)
I would call this "medium soft"
If on a scale of 1-10, with feather down pillows being a 1, this pillow would be about a 3.5 Review by S. Furlong / (Posted on 18.07.2018)
Sweet Dreams
I got this for my boyfriend as he was well over due some new pillows and he loves it
well worth the money and quick delivery, would buy these again. Review by kezzy / (Posted on 17.07.2018)
A little too firm
Honestly I like a squishier pillow. This is very firm and isn't as long as I really prefer. Otherwise a good pillow. Review by Amy / (Posted on 17.07.2018)
smaller than expected
i expected it to be wider; however, it turned out to be kinda small. Overall its okay. pretty soft and comfy! Review by Jenn / (Posted on 16.07.2018)
Love it
The size of the pillow is fitted with my bed which is twin bed. It bulges enough to support my head during sleep. Review by Peerapan / (Posted on 16.07.2018)
So firm!
This is a very well made and great pillow! I've slept like a log since using it. It's firm and plush. Review by rupley / (Posted on 15.07.2018)
I am really enjoying this pillow. I am deployed to Afghanistan right now and I didn't have much bedding material to choose from, so this pillow was really a blessing, thank you! Review by Titus McLongstrokes / (Posted on 15.07.2018)
Best sleep ever
Before buying this pillow I thought I had insomnia but turns out I was just too uncomfortable to fall asleep.. this pillow changed all of that and now I sleep perfectly every night and no longer suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain. Review by Lisa Kathleen / (Posted on 13.07.2018)
Nice and soft, yet holds shape
Just slept on this pillow for the first time last night and a can't complain! When I first took it out of the box and unrolled it, it looked a little flat. As soon as a fluffed it, it expanded to about 3x thickness. The pillow maintained its shape through the night and I woke up feeling great! Review by Dan / (Posted on 13.07.2018)
great silk, great pillow!
Nice sized pillow filled with silk. I have tried lots of pillows - most are memory foam. About 80% of the time I will sleep on my side. I have found that most memory foam pillows get too warm after a couple of hours. But this silk filled pillow really feels comfortable than the pillows I've used before, it is so well when I sleep, great silk, great pillow. Review by Harris / (Posted on 12.07.2018)
My BF likes it!!!
Very soft. Bought for my boyfriends hair. He is worried about it breaking and instead of wrapping hair in silk wrap, I got him this pillow. He loves it! Haven't washed it yet but says machine washable. Might buy one for myself just because of how nice it feels. Review by Alyssa / (Posted on 12.07.2018)
Good value
Beautiful soft silk & washes well. Be careful to check size before ordering - I didn't realize there was an option & mistakenly ordered the small size. So impressed at cost & value I then ordered the correct pillow size. Review by Sonifer / (Posted on 11.07.2018)
Good quality pillow!
I got one of these to see if I would like them to replace some Ralph Lauren(medium soft) pillows I bought at Macy's. I am really satisfied. Super soft, fluffy, and not to tall which I don't like. It may not be a good pillow for a stomach sleeper, but I'm a side sleeper and it was just right. I am going to buy 3 more to replace all my pillows. Review by LEE4HIM / (Posted on 11.07.2018)
Just the pillow I hoped for
I wanted an affordable pillow that is not too plump but plump enough to give support, and that is what I got. I love it!! I slept beautifully from the very first night. Review by Eleanor / (Posted on 10.06.2018)
great pillow
I change pillows every year or so. This pillow is soft to the touch yet firm to sleep on. This pillow fits and forms to your head without feeling like your being suffocated.I also discovered at Sears and Roebucks a pillow called 'Dreamweaver'. Now that is a pillow and was reasonably priced. Review by Bearfoot boy / (Posted on 10.06.2018)
The BEST!!!
It's the best pillow I've ever bought. I bought many pillows in local stores and they don't work. The silk-filled pillow is great for my skin and tangled hair. Review by Julissa Neal / (Posted on 18.05.2018)
Years of looking for a good sleep
I suffer from allergy and have purchased many pillows over the years. I am so happy to say that my hunt is over. I’ve found the pillow which allows me to get a real good night sleep. The pillow is totally filled with silk and gives very good support to my head and neck. Very good item. Review by Diana / (Posted on 17.05.2018)
Good product but little expensive
As mentioned, product is good but some what expensive. I could find similar pillow for half the price in store. It was too late by then to change mind. Review by Nels / (Posted on 07.05.2018)
Love the pillow!
Both my daughter and I love the pillow so very much, I purchased the pillows as a gift for my daughter. I have tried when I visited my daughter and it was so comfortable and I planning to buy some for my own house as well. Review by Linda Dunmyer / (Posted on 10.04.2017)
Great silk pillows
These pillows are very nice high quality pillows. It is really soft and good for my hair. Make my hair less tangled. Review by Brittany / (Posted on 17.01.2017)

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