Seide Bettdecke

Seide Bettdecke
128,80 €

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     Colors Palette
  • Silk Ivory
  • Silk Cappuccino
  • Silk Champagne
  • Silk Gold
  • Silk Camel
  • Silk Pink
  • Silk Rose Pink
  • Silk Blue

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128,80 €


Die luxuriöse Bettdecke ist aus reiner Maulbeerseide hergestellt und beschert den perfekten leichtgewichtigen Komfort. Vollendet mit einem Satin-Rand und Briefecke ist unsere Seidenbettdecke gut geeignet, um sie in kalten Nächten aufs Bett zu legen.

Material: 100% reine Maulbeerseide mit Satin-Rand

Zertifikat: Zertifiziert nach international anerkanntem Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Pflege: Chemische Reinigung

Unübertroffen in Luxus und Weichheit sind unsere Seiden-Bettdecken von Natur aus hypoallergen und sehr gut für sensibler Haut. Die natürlichen und atmungsaktiven Eigenschaften der Seide helfen Ihnen, währen der Nacht die Temperatur konstanter zu halten.


Customer Reviews 61 item(s)

This blanket is the best purchase that I have ever made. The colors are beautiful so you can't go wrong with any of the color choices. The blanket is so light to carry but extremely warm. I sleep with it every night and always get the best night rest. Review by Tegan / (Posted on 20.07.2018)
very nice and light weight
It is a very nice light weight silk blanket. Perfect size for my king size bed.
I purchased the king size and wash it following the instructions (cold water, cool dry) right after I received it. It is soft and cozy.
Review by Fay2017 / (Posted on 20.07.2018)
Amazing silk blanket! So soft and must have for fall and winter. Review by Jolene Spence / (Posted on 19.07.2018)
Very lovely just like the photo portrays. Will be ordering more from this site! Review by Olivia M / (Posted on 19.07.2018)
Just I need
I love this blanket. I needed one that was not heavy yet would give the extra bit of warmth needed. This was the one I chose, and it is just right. Review by Natasha Miller / (Posted on 18.07.2018)
These are the softest blanket I’ve ever had. High quality silk material, comfort and warm. I paired it with a down like quilt, and together are heaven! Review by Chelsea Murray / (Posted on 18.07.2018)
This is the softest, most wonderful blanket. Love it. Just snuggle up with this one and a great book! It is awesome. Review by Summer Carpenter / (Posted on 17.07.2018)
very pretty
I bought this thinking it would be perfect for the summer on our bed. It looks beautiful and now I'm thinking it will stay right through the winter. I love that it is not thick and bulky. It stays beautifully on our bed and looks very pretty. It makes making the bed easy since it is not heavy and bulky. That said, it still adds plenty of warmth on chilly nights. Love it; you can't go wrong for this price! Review by Isobel Greer / (Posted on 17.07.2018)
Super soft blanket
This is a very nice blanket. Soft and light, yet keeps you warm. Very good quality. Review by Aryanna Ramirez / (Posted on 16.07.2018)
Lightweight blanket, wonderfully soft. Amazing value. Luxurious feel. Review by Demi Hays / (Posted on 16.07.2018)
Worth it
I bought this blanket in king size and in pink color. It's generous in size even after I washed it (the directions said to wash in cold water). I'm assuming that it shrank a bit, but there's still plenty of it (it generously hangs on the sides and the foot of the bed.) The blanket is a nice weight for me to use it all seasons. It's very high quality even though it doesn't cost as much as other king size blankets. Worth every penny. Review by Kate H-L. / (Posted on 15.07.2018)
Great blanket
I washed my silk blanket after receiving it and no shrinkage at all! Good quality and the blanket is as nice as the picture showed! It fit perfect on our king size bed! Review by Laurie J. / (Posted on 15.07.2018)
Soooooo soft blanket
Both my husband and I like the blanket best ever. It is also very light and nice drape. Keep us warm and feels so comfortable while sleep under it. Review by Skylar Spence / (Posted on 13.07.2018)
SOFT! SOFT! SOFT! Lightweight and just the right warmth for autumn in north central Texas. It will require that the comforter be used with it when the weather turns really cold but it will stay on my bed year round if for no other reason than its' comforting softness. The color is true to the picture. The size is as ordered (full). And, since I always wash bed clothes before using them, I can attest that it washes well, holds its shape and remains fluffy. I LOVE THIS BLANKET! Review by Carrol / (Posted on 13.07.2018)
Great blanket
My house is only 25 years old, but the windows are drafty and the bedrooms are very cold in the winter time. My kids were all complaining of being cold at night so I needed a way to keep them toasty at night. I purchased 3 of these blankets - one for each kid. There were no more complaints of being cold and they are super soft. My daughter loves to 'pet" hers due to the softness. They wash up beautifully too and hold their shape. Review by Diane L. / (Posted on 12.07.2018)
Very happy with the purchase
The blanket arrived quickly in a good package. This is the first silk blanket I have bought and I have found it beautifully soft and lightweight yet it kept me warm in cold nights. Very happy with blanket and service. Review by Summer Rose / (Posted on 12.07.2018)
Bought this blanket for outdoor to keep my girlfriend warm. It did the trick but is relatively thin, so it probably isn't up to keeping you warm outside in the winter. My girlfriend has been using it inside ever since, although the cat has taken a liking to it and has gradually taken it over. She (the cat) absolutely loves it and spends ages either asleep on it or kneading it with her paws. We've now given up trying to get her to share and bought a second one. Review by Melliesmum / (Posted on 11.07.2018)
I love this blanket! It came nicely. I wish it was a little longer to cover my toes but for my use on a massage table (single person size) it's amazing. It's high quality silk material and it feels like it! It's very light weight but so warm and snuggly, great for the autumn. I love to curl up with it! Washed up great on delicate, no shedding in my experience. I hung to dry. Review by Niki / (Posted on 11.07.2018)
Very soft and comfortable
Really soft comfortable blanket. I accidentally washed it in warm water but it didn't seem to impact the quality or size. But you’d better follow the seller’s care instruction. Great blanket for a great price. Next I will see how durable they are after a few months. Review by Jeremy / (Posted on 10.06.2018)
The blanket arrived within 5 days after i ordered it which i thought was a super-fast service. The color is exactly as you see them in the photo. It is silk, soft and smooth feel. It has brightened up my living room and fits my sofa. It looks as brilliant as the feel of the fabric. Review by Christine / (Posted on 10.06.2018)
Brilliant value!!!
Gosh!!! I love it!!! I have been using it few months. I can say all the best words!
Very soft! I washed already few times and it still looks like new! I really didn't expect that!
Very nice package.
I am really very very happy about this purchase. Review by Amelia / (Posted on 09.06.2018)
Good product
Great delivery. Product as expected. Happy with the soft blanket. Washes well in the washing machine. Only issue is that I found the product a bit expensive. But worth every penny. Review by S. Downer / (Posted on 09.06.2018)
Excellent Gift
I couldn't find anything like this to match a request for a birthday present anywhere on the High Street. Very good value. Review by J. Vinson / (Posted on 06.06.2018)
Excellent quality. Very silky and comfortable feel. Can't wait to use this silk blanket. So soft and fabulous! Review by Lydia kins / (Posted on 06.06.2018)
It is very soft and doesn't get to hot but still keeps you warm. Review by Julianne Wise / (Posted on 05.06.2018)
Soft and comfortable
I purchased two Queen blankets in different colors. My husband and I both enjoy the silk blanket, and the silk fabric is soft and comfortable. Review by Cindy G. / (Posted on 05.06.2018)
good quilt silk blanket
If you are looking for a light weight blanket, this is perfect and it's extremely easy to wash and dry. And they are warm. I'm planning to buy a few more. Review by Babbalou / (Posted on 05.06.2018)
Great quality
These are the softest blankets I’ve ever had. I paired it with a down like quilt, and together are heaven! Review by SLaura / (Posted on 05.06.2018)
Excellent value for money
For the price I paid it is brilliant item and I will buy it again. Review by Jojo / (Posted on 23.04.2018)
good value
A delight! Been in use since it arrived on time and very well packaged. Very light and so far warm enough for me to sleep with windows open. It will be interesting to see if it keeps cool in summer. Extremely good value for money. Review by Louise M / (Posted on 20.04.2018)
Arrived on time, so soft and excellent quality. Would recommend. Review by Danna Kirk / (Posted on 18.04.2018)
Quality blanket
It's thin and light, yet enough weight in it to feel cozy against you. Also it's warm in winter and cool in summer. Totally feels magical how it's always the perfect temperature. Review by Lailah Gutierrez / (Posted on 17.04.2018)
I bought the King size blanket. It fits on my full sized bed well. Review by Shan / (Posted on 11.01.2017)
Love the blanket
I love these! Thank you and they arrived right on time. Review by D susan Reed / (Posted on 17.12.2016)
High quality
Very high quality. Would order again. Review by MaureenA / (Posted on 13.12.2016)
A good buy
The blanket is so soft and warm. It's amazing to me how soft if feels. And the price was just great. I bought it in the sales. A good buy on my part. Review by Ellen12 / (Posted on 07.12.2016)
Love the blanket
Absolutely love the silk blanket. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. The pale oak color also is what I expected. Review by Dan Owen / (Posted on 05.12.2016)
I purchased the blanket in king size and it is amazing! I love how soft and lightweight it is. Perfect for chilly nights. I am about to order the ivory one as well for my mother as gift. It is a must have if you want something cozy and snugly that feels soft on your skin. I will definitely buy more of these! Review by Serene / (Posted on 05.12.2016)
Super soft and keeps me warm! Review by Sara / (Posted on 05.12.2016)
Quality products
I bought 2 of these in different colors for a new house. I like to have them in solid color folded across the foot of the bed in case we get cold. I was surprised at the high quality. The fabric is soft and smooth. Elegant looking. These colors I chose were beautiful and actually true to the pictures show. They finished my new house. Review by Arial Miller / (Posted on 01.12.2016)
Great buy
Nice and meet my expectation, good quality and fast delivery. Review by Mohamedala / (Posted on 29.11.2016)
soft and light
They're soft and light weight, fit well. I'm glad I bought them. Review by Anne09 / (Posted on 24.11.2016)
Love this I use this on my sofa as a throw over so soft and cuddly washes well. Review by Paulette / (Posted on 22.11.2016)
Great values
Really warm and looks good as well. Well worth the money. Review by Cheyenne / (Posted on 22.11.2016)
This is a nice, soft blanket. Review by Aurora Whitney / (Posted on 21.11.2016)
Lovely and warm
These are lovely and light and soft, and cozy on a chilly night. They look great and feel great! Review by Hallie Berg / (Posted on 21.11.2016)
I love it, nice, soft and warm. Review by Sophie Stewart / (Posted on 12.11.2016)
Warm and cozy for cold nights.
Very cozy, nice and warm. Arrived at the date expected just right for the cold nights. Review by Kamryn Figueroa / (Posted on 09.11.2016)
Good product
Lovely color and very warm. Review by Malia Chen / (Posted on 07.11.2016)
Love this blanket, super soft
I loved this blanket it's so soft. Review by Nevaeh Odom / (Posted on 04.11.2016)
This is an awesome blanket!! I use it every day. I am buying another as a gift. Would definitely recommend it. Review by Elliana / (Posted on 04.11.2016)
Great silk blanket
Soft and warm, washes well. Review by Anon12 / (Posted on 04.11.2016)
Great values
Great blanket for the price and quality. Soft and warm. Review by Deon Pittman / (Posted on 02.11.2016)
Ideal gift
I love natural fabrics. The blanket combines elegance and warmth to any bedroom. Ideal gift for a recently married couple. Review by Bethlehem / (Posted on 01.11.2016)
Light weight, just what I was looking for! This blanket did NOT shrink. Review by Fiona / (Posted on 30.10.2016)
This blanket is well made, soft and doesn't snag. Perfect. Review by Faithe / (Posted on 27.10.2016)
Great silk blanket
I ordered this blanket since I was adding a finishing touch and color to a guest room that I had just painted. I wanted something that was simple in design, and with a tight weave that wouldn't look old and out of shape after washing a few times. It is almost impossible to find good quality at a great price. But this one really fits the bill. It is a nice lightweight blanket, but I will probably just add a quilt and keep it on the bed during the winter. Haven't come across one as nice as this in a long time. The pink color is very beautiful, like the picture shows, and is lovely in the room. Pros: Made from pure mulberry silk, beautiful colors to choose from, great price and value. Review by Evangeline / (Posted on 27.10.2016)
Warm blanket
It is a very nice light weight blanket. After washing, it didn’t shrink. It fits my queen size bed perfectly. Review by Esther / (Posted on 27.10.2016)
Amazing blanket
Have been looking for an amazingly soft blanket that is also machine washable! This is it!!! Very soft blanket! The blanket is worth every penny!! Review by Rebecca Pate / (Posted on 26.10.2016)
Great gift for my mom!
I bought this blanket as a gift for my mom. She was looking for a right blanket for her newly decorated bedroom. It looks fantastic and she was very happy with it. I think it was the perfect weight, not too heavy and not too light. Hopefully, it will wash well and my parents will continue to love it. Review by Araceli Hunt / (Posted on 25.10.2016)
Great blanket, extremely soft. Definitely a must have. Review by Mia Brooks / (Posted on 23.10.2016)

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