Oxford Seiden-Kissenanzüge (Klassisch)

Oxford Seiden-Kissenanzüge (Klassisch)
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     Colors Palette
  • White
  • Ivory
  • Cappuccino
  • Espresso
  • Light Pink
  • Cherry
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Pool
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Sage Green
  • Dark Blue
  • Claret
  • Teal
  • Royal Blue
  • Grape
  • Mint Green
  • Suede Rose
  • Cream
  • Dusty Rose

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42,51 €


ElleSilk's Anti-Aging, Anti-Schlaffalte, reines Kopfkissenbezug

Wir verwenden die langfaserige Maulbeerseide (6A) mit einer Dicke von 22 mm und erfüllen die strengsten Qualitätsrichtlinien.

ElleSilk's Oxford Seidenkissenbezug ist so sanft, dass Haut und Haar über die Oberfläche gleiten können - die Haut wird geschützt und befeuchtet, Splitter werden reduziert und sorgen für einen länger anhaltenden Ausblass ElleSilk Seidenkissenbezüge bieten die ultimative Kombination aus Glanz, Dicke, Weichheit und Haltbarkeit.

Kissenbezug aus Seide

Material: 100% reiner Maulbeerseide

Gewicht: 22 momme

Fadenzahl: 600

Schließung: Envelop Verschluss

Flansch : 8 cm

Farben erhältlich: Schwarz, Weiß, Elfenbein, Hellrosa, Cappuccino, Silber, Dunkelgrau, Dunkelblau, weises Grün usw.


  • Maschinenwäsche bei 30°C mit einem sanften, nicht-biologische Waschmittel speziell für Wasch-Seide hergestellt

Vom feinsten "A" Grade Maulbeerseide, werden ElleSilk Oxford Seide Kissenbezüge aus luxuriös glatte Seidenfasern , die freundlich zu Ihrer Haut und Haar sind enthalten, so dass sie perfekt für die ultimative Schlaferlebnis.

Kissenbezug aus Seide

  • Die Seidenkissenbezüge bestehen aus 22 Momme Grade 6A Langfaser 100% Maulbeerseide. Wir wählen das hochwertigste Seidengewebe aus, um mit ElleSilks Seidenbettwäsche ein neues Maß an Luxus und Komfort zu bieten.

  • Wir widmen uns der Verwendung von organischen, natürlichen und nicht toxischen Materialien. ElleSilk wurde vom Öko-Tex Standard 100, dem international anerkannten Qualitätszertifikat, wissenschaftlich getestet und zertifiziert. Unsere Seiden-Kissenbezüge sind sanft für Haare und Gesicht und tragen zu einem schönen Schlaf bei.

  • Unser Stolz auf die Verarbeitung zeigt sich in jedem Stich und in jedem durchdachten Detail. Mit einem zusätzlichen Materialanteil von 30% gestalten wir die Kissenbezüge mit Umschlagverschluss, ohne Knöpfe oder Reißverschlüsse, sodass sie bequemer schlafen können und die erstklassige Qualität nach dem Waschen oder der chemischen Reinigung erhalten bleibt.


Customer Reviews 52 item(s)

wonderful holiday gift!
No more tangled hair or marks of sleep on my face. Color very regal. Get them you will be glad you did, a wonderful holiday gift!. Review by ..Dyan / (Posted on 07.12.2018)
this pillow case is lovely! The pillow cases sucking the moisture out of my hair and this silk pillow case was the solution to that problem!!... Review by Ryan / (Posted on 07.12.2018)
High quality
This is super comfortable and very luxurious! I only bought one but I feel definitely be getting a few more to complete the set on my bed. I haven't tried washing it yet. Review by Ashley Webb / (Posted on 23.07.2018)
Great and affordable pillowcases
Soft and comfortable, look great on the bed and very reasonably priced. Review by Judith / (Posted on 23.07.2018)
I absolutely love it
Love the color, size and mostly the silk fabric. It benefits my tangled hair a lot! Review by Hazel / (Posted on 20.07.2018)
Great values
I've tried a couple other expensive silk pillowcases, but this one is totally worth more than the higher price tag. It is beautiful. I bought it in pink, and I feel like a princess every night. It's great for my sensitive skin. Review by Katie Nunez / (Posted on 20.07.2018)
I purchased 3 different colors, white, cream and ivory. I like the feel and softness of pure mulberry silk fabric. I’m happy with my purchase. Recommend these pillowcases to everyone!! Review by Katherine k. / (Posted on 19.07.2018)
Quality item
Love! Exactly what I was looking for. Smooth and soft. Good quality silk pillowcase. Review by Giuliana Best / (Posted on 19.07.2018)
I like the pillowcase
This pillow case looks good, feels great, and doesn't slip around on the bed. I washed it before use and it comes out with few wrinkles but that straightens out after placed on the pillow. Review by Alice Chapman / (Posted on 18.07.2018)
exactly how I needed it
The pillow case was the color that I wanted to order and looked great. I loved the pillow case and the size fits exactly how I needed it. Review by Ruby Cox / (Posted on 18.07.2018)
Love these pillowcases - wanted some that would not wrinkle at all. The queen size is perfect for my queen size pillows. Ordered online because it is much cheaper than ones in local stores. Review by Lily Davies / (Posted on 17.07.2018)
Pillow Cases
Very soft, well stitched cases. Good variety of colors and sizes. Review by Jacqueline Fitzgerald / (Posted on 17.07.2018)
Lovely pillowcases, really good quality and so lovely to sleep on. They really do help aid a more restful sleep. Review by Elyse Bowman / (Posted on 16.07.2018)
Purchased navy/ivory color pillowcases. True to color, nice fabric, well made. Fit my pillow perfectly. Great packaging, delivered quick. Purchased matching bed skirt too, perfect color match. Pleased with item. Review by Kit Graham / (Posted on 16.07.2018)
Good for your sleep
I love this pillowcase and have used silk bedding through the years. They are soft on the skin, especially older skin, which is why I purchased the first one. This is the third one. It is still excellent. Try it out- you won't be disappointed. Review by Emma / (Posted on 15.07.2018)
Super soft!
I was very pleased to discover that this pillowcase was smoother and thicker than satin ones I had owned in the past. I ordered two and washed both of them prior to placing them on my bed. There was so sign of bleeding of the color or fraying of the material. Most importantly, my hair glides across the case and does not catch along the material as with rougher cotton cases.
I highly recommend these for those looking for a nice, quality silk pillowcase to help protect your hair.
Review by G.K / (Posted on 15.07.2018)
Great product
Great product. Best sleep I had in years. Pillowcase is cooling throughout the hot nights. Highly recommend. No bed hair unlike the cotton pillow cases. Next purchase is going to be the 100% natural silk filled pillows. Highly satisfied. Review by Jersey / (Posted on 13.07.2018)
Fast delivery! Fantastic quality!
Such a fantastic pillowcase! Fast delivery and great quality! The pillowcase is comfortable because of the silk fabric and it is really soft. I bought one for myself and another as a birthday gift for my friend, she likes this silk pillow very much and said would like to buy a pair for her parents as well. I used to be sleepless if I went to bed early but now I feel much better, which may because of the pillow I think. Review by Cassiett Mc / (Posted on 13.07.2018)
Worth it!
I've only had this pillow case for a week now but I have to say that it seems to have helped with breakouts. I usually would wake up with new spots and I haven't really had this happen this week. Worth a shot if you're on the fence about buying it! Review by Linda E / (Posted on 12.07.2018)
Enjoying my new, silk pillowcase!
My daughter uses a silk pillowcase for her hair - it supposedly helps prevent hair breakage. But I personally have never used one before, so this is a first for me. I love it! It's really a luxurious experience. I love that it's a cooler temperature than cotton linens. I'm in my late 40's and cooler is better. And since I am in my late 40's, I have read that silk pillowcases can help with wrinkle prevention. This pillowcase is nicely constructed. All seams are sewn well and there are no loose threads or strings. I've washed this once in the washing machine and it held up well to the washing. The queen sized pillowcase is a little large for my standard pillowcase, but it's not too bad. I really am enjoying my new, silk pillowcase! Review by Rosies / (Posted on 12.07.2018)
I love silk
Perfect. This is the third time I have ordered these pillowcases. Really good quality and different colors. Which I really appreciate. Service was excellent . Really fast delivery. Very pleased indeed. Review by Kim / (Posted on 11.07.2018)
Love these pillow cases!
Love these pillow cases, aids a great night sleep and feel like my hair is shiner and less 'bed head'. Going to order another one as gift for my mom! Review by Donna Milne / (Posted on 11.07.2018)
Nice pillowcases, perfect size
I just wanted silk pillows because they are more comfortable to sleep on, wasn't as concerned about the facial benefit. The color appear very true and the queen size fits a queen size pillow perfectly. I like the envelop closed end so they can't slide off the pillow. I'm so extremely pleased that I ordered a couple of different colors, don't think I'll ever go back to cotton. Review by Marissa / (Posted on 10.06.2018)
I decided to get a silk pillowcase, hoping it would help my skin and hair. I was dubious. I love the crisp, clean feel of my organic cotton pillowcase. But I decided to give this one a try and I've been very happy with it! I think the quality is first rate and I've been sleeping very well on it. Review by LittleC / (Posted on 10.06.2018)
I'd recommend this product.
I bought this because I felt that my older, rougher pillowcases were causing damage to my hair. This pillowcase is incredibly smooth and comfortable to rest on when sleeping and I can say with certainty that my sleep has become more restful after converting to a silk pillow-case.
One thing I definitely noticed is that my hair is a lot less frizzy and dry when I wake up in the morning, which I'm assuming has a lot to do with the fact that there isn't as much friction between my hair strands and the pillow when I move in my sleep.
Overall, if you're looking to improve your restfulness when sleeping or, similar to me, trying to keep your hair safe then I'd recommend this product. Review by Rinnegan / (Posted on 09.06.2018)
I love the silk pillowcase
This was a requested Christmas present for my mother to help her sleep and take care of her wrinkles! My mother says she loves this. I have therefore ordered one for myself. Then I fell in love with the silk pillowcase. It is really soft and comfy to sleep on. Review by Hilary Lewis / (Posted on 09.06.2018)
Lovely sleeping experience
I got this pair so that I could have one and my husband the other. We both love them, finding them cool and comfortable but not too cold. I have also noticed that my skin is less dry when I sleep with this. Review by Stephanie Louise / (Posted on 06.06.2018)
I'm very pleased
I just received my silk pillowcases. They were promptly dispatched and I'm extremely pleased with them.
These pillowcases are made from Mulberry silk which is supposed to be the softest and most appropriate for pillowcases and bedding in general.
I've seen anything from 16 momme to 21 momme but read that 19 momme is the best in a pillowcase. Lower momme being too flimsy and higher being less soft. These are perfect and I highly recommend them. The color is an attractive . Review by Jeje / (Posted on 06.06.2018)
very nice.
This pillowcase is very soft and smooth. It is a good pillowcase to keep down the bed head. I really like this pillowcase a lot! Review by Lindass. / (Posted on 05.06.2018)
I bought this as gifts. Everyone was pleased with the silk pillowcases. Review by Doreen H. / (Posted on 05.06.2018)
A Little Piece of Heaven
This pillowcase is, by far, the best purchase ever. So soft, yet stays in place. I purchased a pink one and the color is just beautiful. You can't go wrong with this. My hair almost looks like I never slept on it. Worth every single penny. Review by Freya Collins / (Posted on 03.05.2018)
Great for skin and hair
I was worried about the fit of this pillow case but it is perfect for my standard size pillows. I've only been using it for a week but I'm already seeing improvement of my hair and skin. it is very cooling on the skin for hotter nights too! Review by Lindsey o / (Posted on 24.04.2018)
Perfect silk pillowcase
I never sleep on silk pillowcase, but I want to have a try. Before I got it, I was worrying about the quality, comfort, package.... After I got it, I am really really satisfied which exceeded my expectation. Yes, its material is pure mulberry silk and it is very well to sleep on. Review by Johnston 1 / (Posted on 21.04.2018)
Good silk pillowcase for the money
Definitely helps keep hair smoother, and contribute to wrinkled skin more than other materials. Washes easily in cool water. It was still in good condition. Review by Paige Hussain / (Posted on 10.04.2018)
Silk pillowcase
I love this pillowcase, bought one for my daughter also, good for healthy tangle free hair when I'm sleeping Review by Arya Gates / (Posted on 06.04.2018)
Silk pillowcases
Beautiful color, great price. Will buy more. Review by Excellent / (Posted on 06.04.2018)
Like the product and wished that I can have the pillowcases in all available colors. Very good and quick service. Review by Daniela Jacobs / (Posted on 04.04.2018)
I love these pillowcases. I ordered 2 more in other colors. No more waking up with tangled hair. My hair tangles easily, so these beauties really help. Review by Ariah Kirk / (Posted on 04.04.2018)
Nice quality
I bought these pillow cases because I needed 2 extra. They are soft and comfy. The color matched the sheet set perfectly. I am very happy with them. Review by Joseph / (Posted on 31.03.2018)
I haven't washed it yet but it's heavenly to sleep on. I paired it with the silk pillow I ordered and am very pleased. It doesn't slide on my cotton sheets and the envelope closure keeps my silk pillow from sliding out. I love the fact that it breathes and stays cooler than down. Review by Finley Levy / (Posted on 31.03.2018)
I've always wanted to try and silk pillowcase and when this product came up with good ratings. This pillowcase is well made. The material is light weight and the envelope closure works perfectly. It feels very soft with a slight sheen that looks lovely with my other bedding. I highly recommend the ellesilk brand if you are looking for a silk pillowcase. Try it out! You won't be disappointed! Review by Robin Marshall / (Posted on 30.03.2018)
Good pillowcases
I tried this brand of pillowcases and love them. These are affordable priced. I get the King size and is perfect for my husband and me. I would definitely recommend these and got them quickly within 5 days and a great price for people like me on a tight budget. Review by Joanna Shaffer / (Posted on 30.03.2018)
Very nice
Very nice. Wish I had purchased it earlier! Keeps my hair from breaking and is so cool. Review by Minerva / (Posted on 22.05.2017)
starsDon't Hesitate ....Get One Now
I have always wanted one of these pillowcases but would never spend the money. The product is well made and fits the king size pillow perfectly. I have absolutely no complaints and wish I had bought it years ago. Review by JODY QUIRIE / (Posted on 05.05.2017)
Good quality.
Good quality. Very nice. Many colors to choose from. Review by Ausra / (Posted on 17.04.2017)
Love love love this this pillow case! great for my hair & my skin! I don't wake up with crazy hair anymore!! Review by Boann Downard / (Posted on 06.02.2017)
Exactly what I wanted in a silk pillowcase. I have been sleeping on it for about a week and just love the feel on my face and how it does not mess my hair. I have washed it gently and air dried it and it is just like it was new. Review by Nichelle Grant / (Posted on 19.01.2017)
I was looking for a silk pillowcase to help prevent hair breakage and this has been exactly what I needed. Just as pictured and described, quality was good, and color matched the pictures exactly. I love this one for my curly hair! Review by LaTanya / (Posted on 18.01.2017)
Meet my expectations
I ordered this pillowcase for three reasons. First, I wanted it to help keep frizz and static at bay in my hair. Second, at times I roll over on my side while sleeping and I have heard that silk pillowcases are better at preventing wrinkles than regular pillowcases for side sleepers. I don’t know if that is true but it is definitely worth a try. Third, I sleep hot, which doesn't make a lot of sense since I spend most of my waking hour’s cold. Silk pillowcases are much cooler to the touch than cotton. This pillowcase is 100% silk. It is very cool, super soft, and luxurious feeling which meet my expectations. Review by Kara Cooper / (Posted on 13.01.2017)
Love it!
Excellent material and not see thru. Love it! Review by Rebecca Wilson / (Posted on 10.01.2017)
A great silk pillowcase
I've been wanting to try a silk pillowcase because of the benefits to your hair and skin. While I don't really know if it's helped with that, I will say that I love sleeping on it. It is so soft and comfortable. It's really luxurious! Review by Julia R / (Posted on 08.01.2017)
Absolutely Beautiful
This pillowcase is absolutely beautiful! Very soft and smooth. I love the silk fabric. Review by Tammy Morton / (Posted on 06.01.2017)

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