Soie taie d'oreiller I

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Soie taie d'oreiller I
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100% silk pillowcases.
ELLE silk bedding is made using only 100% natural mulberry silk. Our silk sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers are unrivaled in quality and have been hand picked from the finest selection of over 400 thread count silks we have been able to find.

All our silk pillowcase is available in 10 colors, which will fit naturally into any bedroom, effortlessly bringing a touch of luxury. Our silk pillowcase has an ideal momme weight of 19.

Silk has been valued for its health giving benefits for the skin and hair due to its high content of protein. helping to keep hair glossy and skin soft which helps to prevent facial lines.

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34,54 €


You will actually wake up looking better with less line shown on your skin and shinier hair. Whether you are looking for gift for someone or you are indulging yourself we aim to make your night more idle wild easy and stress free for all your dreams. Choose one of the beautiful colors for yourself or as a luxurious gift item for someone special.

ELLE silk pillowcases are naturally hypo-allergenic. Silk pillowcase is a superb anti wrinkle skin care product which stop your face and hair from drying out. Helping to keep hair glossy and skin soft which helps to prevent facial lines. ELLE silk bed linen is machine washable.


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