Gold Housewife Silk Pillowcase

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Gold Housewife Silk Pillowcase

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ElleSilk's anti ageing, anti sleep crease, anti bed head pure silk pillowcase

We use the highest grade (6A) long fibre mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme and enforce the strictest quality guidelines.

ElleSilk's Gold Housewife silk pillowcase is so gentle, it allows skin and hair to glide across the surface - protecting and hydrating skin, reducing split ends, and ensuring a longer-lasting blow out. ElleSilk silk pillowcases provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness, and durability.

Silk Pillowcase

Material: 100% Pure Mulberry Silk

Weight: 22 momme

Thread Count: 600

Closure: Envelope Opening

Colors Available: Black, White, Ivory, Light Pink, Cappuccino, Silver, Charcoal Grey, Dark Blue, Sage Green, etc.


  • Machine wash at 30°C using mild silk detergen

ElleSilk is natural, hypoallergenic, dust mite-resistant, and allows skin to breathe, and is recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairdressers, and beauty experts.

Silk Pillowcase

  • The silk pillowcases are made of 22 Momme Grade 6A long fiber 100% mulberry silk. We select the highest grade silk fabric to bring a whole new level of luxury and comfort with ElleSilk’s silk bedding.

  • We are dedicated to using the organic, natural, and non-toxic materials. ElleSilk has been scientifically tested and certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the internationally recognised certification of quality. Our silk pillowcases are gentle on your hair and face, making a great addition to your beauty sleep.

  • Our pride of workmanship is evident in every stitch and thoughtful detail. With an extra 30% material, we design the pillowcases with envelope closure, no buttons or zippers, making them more comfortable to sleep on, as well as maintaining the premium quality after washing or dry cleaning.


Customer Reviews 32 item(s)

Great quality
This is my third 100% silk pillowcase and all have been great quality. Review by Victoria / (Posted on 1/25/2019)
I love, love, love my silk pillowcase.
I love, love, love my silk pillowcase. After two nights of sleeping on it I've noticed less vertical wrinkles around my eyes and my hair is silky, shiny, and smooth. I can't say enough good things about your product. Thanks for making it available at such a reasonable price Review by K Smith / (Posted on 12/22/2018)
I LOVE IT!!! I noticed results from my skin and hair after the first night! (silk pillowcase) Review by E. Fernandes / (Posted on 12/22/2018)
impressed with this item
I am genuinely impressed with this item. After having used it for two nights, I can honestly say that I am impressed. It of course feels a lot softer than my normal fabric pillow cover but more surprisingly, I think I am actually getting a better night's sleep because of it. I can't comment on the anti-aging properties advertised but it definitely helped me get a better sleep and I'm sure there are health benefits in that! Review by Phoenix Joyner / (Posted on 7/23/2018)
Was pleasantly surprised, I thought they would be super thin. But they are not, very nice thickness. Not too thin and not too thick. I purchased 2 and they are sooooo soft! Will probably buy 2 more. Review by Kirk M. / (Posted on 7/12/2018)
These pillow cases are so soft and perfect fit. I love the feel when I sleep. I will be ordering more. Review by Anne Hale / (Posted on 7/11/2018)
really like it
I got this pillow case as a gift and I really liked it. It feels nice to sleep on. Review by jaynek / (Posted on 7/11/2018)
Great buy
I like the look and feel of these pillowcases. I ordered them for King size pillows and they perfectly fit. Review by Yolanda / (Posted on 6/10/2018)
Neat and Soft
These pillow cases are so neat and very soft fabric. These are good replacement to my old and dirty pillow cases. Review by Linda Kramer / (Posted on 6/10/2018)
soft and durable
Had purchased silk pillowcases in the past(not from this company) and they fell apart after the 2nd wash. These pillowcase is so soft yet more durable. The pillowcase is definitely worth every penny. Planning on purchasing another one in a different color. Would recommend them to anyone looking for the benefits of sleeping on silk. Review by Stellina Reed / (Posted on 6/9/2018)
Love it!
Super love it! Soft, silky, smooth... just so luxurious! I can't believe I lived a few decades of my life sleeping on cotton! My life is complete! Review by M Edward / (Posted on 6/9/2018)
so pleased
I am so pleased with the pillow case and the case is simply lovely and feels so soft. I have been using it exclusively for over a week and I can honestly say it has done wonders for my morning hair, which is no longer so tangled. The case also eliminates the rumpled face look and is very comfortable to sleep on. Review by Elia Lewis / (Posted on 6/6/2018)
Puts an end to those annoying morning facial pillowcase "creases," and saves a hairstyle! Review by Olypen Chick / (Posted on 6/6/2018)
Nice quality pillowcase.
Very nice, soft, durable pillowcase. Wrinkles slightly after washing. I will purchase again. Review by Shellyk / (Posted on 6/5/2018)
Absolutely Amazing !
Soft, cool, comfortable, good value, teamed with a silk pillow - PERFECT !..what more could I ask for. No longer do I look ruffled when I wake up ! Thanks Review by Louise / (Posted on 5/28/2018)
Luxury silk pillowcase
Love my new silk pillowcase. Never have to worry about my hair getting messed up. I would recommend it to all my friends. Love it. Review by Pamela B. / (Posted on 5/26/2018)
Its a great quality set, I did a lot of research before committing to this purchase, and I'm happy to say elle silk offer the best price on the internet Review by Aaron / (Posted on 5/22/2018)
Aurora Reixa
It arrived on time and with good packaging. Love the color and the texture. I can't be totally sure it lives up to the claims (no bed-head, less wrinkles); but it does feel luxurious. Review by Luxe! / (Posted on 5/16/2018)
Does what it promises!
I have short hair so never really experience 'bed-head'. This lovely silk pillowcase solves that problem beautifully. The luxurious silk also feels cool. I've grown so attached to my silk pillowcase that I even take it with me when I travel. Very happy with this and will be buying more, not just for myself but for friends too! Review by Grace Wilkinson / (Posted on 5/14/2018)
C. Wren
I had read multiple benefits of using a silk pillowcase, it's cooler, better for your skin and hair. I'm a very heavy sleeper, don't toss and turn much and typically wake up with pillowcase wrinkles on my face. Not only has the silk pillowcase kept me from getting those, it has also made a HUGE difference in my hair. My bed head has turned into waking up with hair that I can brush and go. Honestly, I'm shocked in the amount of difference it's make in my hair alone! Well worth it! Review by Worth every cent!!! / (Posted on 5/12/2018)
Heavenly silky feel
I ordered this pillowcase last week and slept on it last night for the first time. It was so soft and lovely feeling against my face. I love it! I washed it on the delicate cycle before use. I didn't dry it in the dryer, but folded it across a hanger. It dried very quickly. If you are thinking about ordering it, do it. You won't be sorry. Review by Lizla / (Posted on 5/9/2018)
I have tried silk pillow cases in the past and they do not even begin to compare to this one...it is amazing. I use it every night and will take it with me everywhere I go. It is so smooth and soft, total luxury. My hair stays smooth while I sleep. I am thinking about buying another one. LOVE! I highly recommend this Mulberry Silk Pillowcase! Review by RSJ / (Posted on 5/7/2018)
Good fabric
I bought this for my wife who is six months pregnant. It fits and wears great. Feels smooth and soft. The fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and benefits her tangled hair and skin. I will buy silk bedding for her from the seller again. Review by Tom G. / (Posted on 4/23/2018)
I used to Egyptian cotton, my son is getting married and I am wishing to gift a practical present for them. Compared a pillowcase ordered from you and my own Egyptian cotton, my daughter-in-law loved the silk sheets more. So I have to order a whole case of the bedroom from you. Please be noted this is for a wedding gift, so please be concern of the flawless of my order. By the way, yours are really worth it. Review by Joe / (Posted on 4/18/2018)
Thank you
Will it be supposed to cure my "hair loss"? haha! I found my "hair loss" was much better with this pillowcase. So smooth texture and I feel much better with my sleep, I intend to purchase more sets to my master bedroom wishing a luxurious living life! Review by Julia Sartoris / (Posted on 4/18/2018)
Third one purchased
This is the 3rd time I’ve purchased this produce. I really like it as it keeps my hair from getting mussed up and feels really good. You must not put it in the dryer and must wash it on delicate or hand wash. I neglected to do this with the 2nd pillowcase I purchased and it ripped beyond believe (I’ve since thrown it away). Not sure about the colors….pretty blan but the feel of the case and the fact that it works is reason to purchase it. Review by Tigerbug / (Posted on 4/15/2018)
Big difference
Bought a few of these for my husband, my children and myself. They all love them and won't go sleeping anywhere without them. I particularly noted how my skin is a lot less wrinkled in the mornings. My husband likes how it doesn't grab his stubble. I'm not the pickiest sleeper myself, but I may have to pick up a couple more for myself. Review by Chris / (Posted on 4/10/2018)
Good so far
Good so far. It does not get hot! That was very important to me so I am satisfied with this product. Review by Mary E. / (Posted on 5/31/2017)
Very happy with the purchase
Very happy with the purchase! Great fit on the pillow and nice and soft to the touch, it was a gift for my little daughter, and also it will be her first silk pillowcase. I think she'll like the smooth feeling. Review by oma / (Posted on 5/22/2017)
Very nice product
This pillowcase is nice and my hair no longer gets messed up.
Much better than cotton for wrinkles and hair care. Review by Phyl / (Posted on 5/4/2017)
Beautiful pillowcase
Really soft and beautiful pillowcase.
I have curly hair and am a rough sleeper.
This helps a lot. Review by Hm Baltimore / (Posted on 4/17/2017)
Hair saving!
I bought this because my hair was getting smashed using a regular cotton pillowcase. Sleeping on this is almost like magic, my hair no longer is a mess in the morning! I bought several and keep one in my travel bag so I will always have one with me. Review by K. L. Ingram / (Posted on 2/13/2017)

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