Silk Pillowcase Style PC003

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Silk Pillowcase Style PC003

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100% pure mulberry silk pillowcase has 4 cm flange around each edge and available in 20 colors to create a variety of looks. Made of only 100% natural mulberry silk, with an ideal momme weight of 22, silk pillowcase is a common anti-aging component in skin moisturizers and hair care products because of its anti-oxidizing properties helping to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging.
The classy silk pillowcase featuring stitching details produces an exceptionally soft and lustrous bed linen guaranteed to add a touch of luxury to any bedroom. Pillowcase has envelope closure.
     Colors Palette
  • White
  • Ivory
  • Champagne
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Cappuccino
  • Espresso
  • Light Pink
  • Peach
  • Pink
  • Blush
  • Dusty Rose
  • Raisin
  • Petunia
  • Cherry
  • Wine
  • Pool
  • Marine Blue
  • Indigo
  • Navy
  • Purple
  • Pistachio
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Charcoal
  • Black
  • Forest Impress White
  • Rose Flowers White
  • Fruity Candy White
  • Acanthus Leaves White
  • Orient Eden Pistachio
  • Acanthus Leaves Gold
  • Acanthus Leaves Pink
  • Silk White Stripe

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Amazing benefits of sleeping on 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcase:

Prevents signs of aging and indentations on the face that as we get older take longer to disappear throughout the day.
Helps to keep your skin moisturized and silky soft, hydrated, smooth and diminish wrinkles.
Silk will not absorb your moisture or nutrients from your skin care products.
Silk has antibacterial properties, and the ability to breathe naturally.
Anti-acarid (dust mites) allergy resistant - Dust mites hate silk so is an excellent hygienic choice for bedding.

Material: 100% Pure Mulberry Silk
Momme: 22
Thread Count: 400
Closure: Envelope
Available in 20 Colors

Silk Pillowcase Size:

20 in × 26 in
51 cm × 66 cm
20 in × 30 in
51 cm × 76 cm
20 in × 36 in
51 cm × 91 cm

Customer Reviews 35 item(s)

Luxurious silk pillowcase
I just received my pillowcase today and i was surprised how luxurious it was. It was a good buy. Would recommend this product to anyone. So comfortable. Review by Henry / (Posted on 3/10/2013)
good to your skin
I bought it because I had learned that silk was easier on your hair and your skin while you slept. Instead of waking up with deep lines on my face or with lots of hair on my pillow, I am happy to say this pillowcase is doing the job. Review by andy / (Posted on 3/3/2013)
I ordered this pillowcase to replace a high-quality poly satin pillowcase I was using to keep my long, curly hair from tangling while I sleep. The satin worked, but it was just so hot and sweaty, and didn't feel breathable at all. This silk case is just as good at preventing tangles but far more comfortable and breathable. Review by KAD / (Posted on 3/1/2013)
comfortable silk pillowcase
I bought this pillow after reading about it. This is a great product for an excellent price. Feels heavenly and makes you fall asleep. It feels nice and soft and cleans easily. Review by Lindz / (Posted on 1/31/2013)
Love the quality
Very silky but not so soft that your head flies off the pillow. Instead of waking up with deep lines on my face or with lots of hair on my pillow, I am happy to say this pillowcase is doing the job. It's perfect. I'll definitely repurchase. Review by Bliss / (Posted on 1/11/2013)
This is a great pillowcase!
This is a great pillowcase! Great feel and great for my hair, unlike the cotton pillow case I used previously it does not absorb the oil from my skin and hair, it feels great against my face and I don perspire against it. Review by stephy / (Posted on 12/28/2012)
Lovely pillowcase!
The fabric has a light thread count, is silk smoothie. It is lovely to rest my head on. I purchased it to prevent my hair frizzing and it's helping in that regard. Lovely pillowcase! I'll definitely repurchase. Review by twood / (Posted on 12/26/2012)
SO happy with my silk pillocase
I love this pillowcase. Its worth every penny. It is cooler, prevents face wrinkles, keeps hair more in place. This one is a very good quality. SOOOO happy with my purchase, highly highly recommend this pillowcase to anyone looking for a beautiful and affordable silk pillowcase! Review by July / (Posted on 12/25/2012)
luxurious silk pillowcase
I bought this pillowcase about a month ago and really enjoy it. This is luxurious & elegant. The silk is thick and very, very soft. I am very pleased with my purchase. Highly recommend. Review by siss / (Posted on 12/12/2012)
awesome product!
I am one of those people who travel with my pillow, because I can't sleep on some random one. I didn't know it could be improved so much! I always used a very soft pillowcase before but until I tried out this silk pillowcase I just simply didn't know it could be this great. I got this pillowcase because silk helps you avoid bed-head and hair frizzies. Plus it helps you avoid wrinkles and maintain moisture in your skin. Review by Candise / (Posted on 12/12/2012)
So comfortable!!!
i love it for my dry hair. This silk pillowcase is very soft and washed great in my washing machine on the gentle cycle in cold water and is still soft after air drying. It arrived nicely packaged too - very happy with this item. Review by Kemi / (Posted on 12/11/2012)
love this pillowcase!
Love this pillowcase, it is so soft and natural feeling. Washes easily, dries quickly and wrinkle free. Allows your face to slide rather than sticking to the pillow. This is a great product for an excellent price. I am immensely happy with it. Review by Burnett / (Posted on 11/12/2012)
Great buy!
I ordered the silk pillowcase about two weeks ago and couldn't be more pleased with the product!! The silk pillowcase arrived in a very timely manner, and is super pretty and comfortable! I absolutely LOVE it! Review by Katinka / (Posted on 11/11/2012)
This is a great pillowcase! The pillowcase is as pictured with a flap tuck on the underside - which is my preferred finishing style of pillowcases. I ordered the standard size which is true to size. The fabric has a light thread count, is silk smooth, not satin smooth. It is lovely to rest my head on. Review by Tania / (Posted on 10/23/2012)
love this pillowcase!
Love this pillowcase; it is so soft and natural feeling. I am about to order more and make these our standard pillowcases as they are just the Best feeling against my face. Review by Hana / (Posted on 10/18/2012)
Best ever pillowcase
I love this pillow. The color and texture are exactly as pictured. The fabric and craftsmanship are very good. This product is in great quality and good value so luxuriance we are so happy with purchase will order more!!! Review by sarah / (Posted on 10/6/2012)
Gorgeous silk pillowcase
I enjoy falling asleep on it and I enjoy the results on my face & hair in the morning. Great buy - great value for money I am going to buy another pillowcase soon so that I can always have one on my bed - they are that good!!! Review by lindsey / (Posted on 9/7/2012)
After first night on my silky pillow case I woke up -to my suprise-looking fresher and smoother, it worked! I had no extra lines on my face and the usual wrinkles looked less prominent. Review by speeps / (Posted on 9/5/2012)
Lovely Quality
Brilliant night sleep. cool at first yet keeps you warm. feels brillaint next to your skin. Review by Callison / (Posted on 9/5/2012)
Silky sleeps
After searching for an affordable silk pillowcase for ages, I was thrilled to find this one at Elle Silk. There are no buttons or zippers it just slips easily over your pillow with an overlap of fabric at the back. No washing instructions came with the pillowcase but I just put it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and it came out perfectly. Review by anna / (Posted on 8/14/2012)
silky pillowcase
I bought the pillow case because I had heard that its good for my hair and preventing wrinkles. Obviously its too soon to tell if its good for my skin my I dont wake up with the red creased pillow marks on my face. Review by Meggie / (Posted on 8/13/2012)
It arrived within just a few days and the quality is superb. Everything about this pillowcases just screams absolute luxury. I no longer wake up in the morning with my hair kinked or with pillow creases across my cheeks. It's better than the most expensive night cream! Review by penzy / (Posted on 8/6/2012)
For years ive woke up to curly unruly hair, i can straighten it one day and sleep on it and wake up with frizz and curls.i didnt put a comment on until i had washed my hair a few times and slept on it and can you believe it, my hairs stayed straight and silky. Plus after a trip to the hairdressers the lovely blow-dry sheen they create seems to last longer. Review by Robert / (Posted on 8/1/2012)
good quality pillowcase
I ordered this product after hearing that silk pillowcases were good for curly hair. It definitely has been enjoyable to sleep on and has really limited the amount of frizz my hair has after sleeping. It's a beautiful item, unbelievably soft and indulgent. Lying on this feels wonderful. I'd completely recommend this pillowcase. Review by MOON / (Posted on 7/30/2012)
Exactly what I was after and delivered in super quick time. Very pleased with my silk pillow case, lovely and soft. I'm often very hot when I'm sleeping and can just turn the pillow over when the silk seems too close. Great quality and service. Thank you! Review by Cathy / (Posted on 7/25/2012)
Lovely Pillowcase
I am very pleased with the pillowcase. Very good value and high quality. Thanks. Really impressed with the quality of the pillowcase – excellent! Review by Smith / (Posted on 7/25/2012)
great fabric
I bought two so that I could have a clean one on hand at all times. They feel great, fit like they're supposed to. The silky smoothness of this pillowcase beckons me to lie down and be soothed, and when I awaken, I don't have that unsightly crushed pillow face that we all dread! I wouldn't go to bed without my silk pillowcase. Review by Arthur / (Posted on 6/10/2012)
Great pillowcase! Great Price!
I had searched around for a high quality silk at a decent price and this one was by far the most affordable and serves the purpose. I ordered the standard size which is true to size. It is lovely to rest my head on. I've washed them on gentle cycle in cold water several times already, and they seem to be holding up well. Review by Una / (Posted on 6/8/2012)
great deals-look good
I purchased this to dress up a master bedroom - it looks good and was very affordable. And it matches my former bedding sets well. This is exactly what I have been looking for to finish the bedroom. Review by FlorenceJ / (Posted on 4/1/2011)
healthier choice
Our families decide to change pillowcases into the new one. In these days, we often hear that silk is good for our health. So, we decide to have a try. We ordered three silk pillowcases in total. They are really good, especially for people who have allergic skins. We all feel comfortable and sleep well during the night.

Review by Rosalind / (Posted on 3/7/2011)
A creature comfort
As silk pillowcases really help one's skin recover from daily wear, I have used silk pillowcases for several years now. My original cases were hard to find, and home made; they didn't launder well and barely fit. These are well made, roomy for the pillow, very gorgeous soft silk and my skin has been very gently treated by sleeping on them. I will surely order more as this item is one of life's great comforts! Review by Jho / (Posted on 2/11/2011)
Perfect way to avoid bad hair days : )
The natural fibers of these silk pillowcases are so smooth that I won’t wake up with those sleep lines and creases on my face and Silk does not absorb moisture like cotton. It won’t leave my face feeling dry and rough. On another note, the silky texture of the pillowcase has a wonderfully soft quality, without a satiny, cheesy, slip-off-the-bed kind of feel. Review by Melissa / (Posted on 1/24/2011)
wonderful to sleep on
Both my husband and myself are losing hair at an alarming rate. His stylist recommended we try silk pillow cases. These cases were color neutral, machine washable and not restrictively expensive. We are completely pleased with them. I have washed them once and so far, so good. We'll see if they really make any difference up top or if that is just wishful thinking. Review by Linda / (Posted on 1/13/2011)
I ordered this pillowcase after reading that silk pillowcases are gentler on hair. I recently had a bad hairdressing experience where highlights caused my hair to break, and I used to find broken hairs on my cotton pillow each morning. Since using this pillow, about 3 weeks now, I no longer see any broken hairs in the morning! It's soft, washes well, a beautiful ivory color, and I have heard that it is also useful to prevent facial wrinkles but can't comment on that yet, too soon :) So pleased with the product, and would recommend it. Review by Lauren / (Posted on 12/29/2010)
God bless you!
My mother always curled her hair and it was a mess. My sweetie bought her a silk pillowcase from you with the amount of love that goes into making my parents a good sleep, Oh, somewhat amazing, my mon cannot get to sleep any more with much excitement for her hair shiny again as sleeping on the pillowcase. Beautiful work of ark of the piece. I love my mother deeply and thank you so much for your effort of it. Review by Barbie / (Posted on 6/14/2010)

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