Mint Green Housewife Silk Pillowcase

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Mint Green Housewife Silk Pillowcase

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ElleSilk's anti ageing, anti sleep crease, anti bed head pure silk pillowcase

We use the highest grade (6A) long fibre mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme and enforce the strictest quality guidelines.

ElleSilk's Mint Green Housewife silk pillowcase is so gentle, it allows skin and hair to glide across the surface - protecting and hydrating skin, reducing split ends, and ensuring a longer-lasting blow out. ElleSilk silk pillowcases provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness, and durability.

Silk Pillowcase

Material: 100% Pure Mulberry Silk

Weight: 22 momme

Thread Count: 600

Closure: Envelope Opening

Colors Available: Black, White, Ivory, Light Pink, Cappuccino, Silver, Charcoal Grey, Dark Blue, Sage Green, etc.


  • Machine wash at 30°C using mild silk detergen

ElleSilk is natural, hypoallergenic, dust mite-resistant, and allows skin to breathe, and is recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairdressers, and beauty experts.

Silk Pillowcase

  • The silk pillowcases are made of 22 Momme Grade 6A long fiber 100% mulberry silk. We select the highest grade silk fabric to bring a whole new level of luxury and comfort with ElleSilk’s silk bedding.

  • We are dedicated to using the organic, natural, and non-toxic materials. ElleSilk has been scientifically tested and certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the internationally recognised certification of quality. Our silk pillowcases are gentle on your hair and face, making a great addition to your beauty sleep.

  • Our pride of workmanship is evident in every stitch and thoughtful detail. With an extra 30% material, we design the pillowcases with envelope closure, no buttons or zippers, making them more comfortable to sleep on, as well as maintaining the premium quality after washing or dry cleaning.


Customer Reviews 35 item(s)

A wonderful gift very well received
The quality on these silk pillow cases is superior to any others we've found. The colors are rich and the presentation is very special. Review by Karen / (Posted on 12/7/2018)
luxuriously soft and smooth
These are the most luxuriously soft and smooth Silk Pillowcases ever...I feel as though I am sleeping on a cloud!.. Review by Christine / (Posted on 12/7/2018)
Great feel and quality
These pillowcases are nicely made, soft (after 1st washing) and cool/comfortable on warm nights. What more can I say? Will probably buy more when I need them. Review by Big Frank / (Posted on 7/24/2018)
Best pillow case
Since I take good care of my skin/hair I heard this is the way everyone should go to sleep on silk. Well-made pillowcase...I love it will repurchase one for my husband. Review by Miracle Montoya / (Posted on 7/20/2018)
Absolutely love it
I absolutely love my new pillowcases! I sleep so soundly on them. They wash beautifully Review by Kate Stafford / (Posted on 7/20/2018)
Very nice quality
Loving these bed linens! Very nice quality and color! I'll definitely be buying them again for myself and for others as gifts! Thank you!! Review by Arissa / (Posted on 7/19/2018)
Soft silk pillowcase
My initial impressions of the pillowcase are that they are extremely soft. The print and color are very nice. The fit is perfect. They add an elegant feel to my bedroom. Review by Jane Rowan / (Posted on 7/19/2018)
Soft and stays cool!
I love this pillowcase! It is very soft and stays cool while I sleep, not to mention being beneficial by not snagging my hair and irritating my skin, like cotton pillowcases can. It can be washed over and over without shrinking. I highly recommend this pillowcase! Review by Georgia Johnson / (Posted on 5/26/2018)
My ideal pillowcase
This Silk Pillow Case from Mulberry Pure Silk felt so amazing! I have never slept on something as soft and beautiful as this pillowcase before. I slept so well last night. I have always loved silky night gowns. So it's no surprise that I loved this pillowcase. It's so soft and elegant looking. The stitching is very durable and wonderfully stitched. I am definitely going to have to get a whole sheet set for my bed now, so my whole bed can feel as wonderful as my pillow! I loved the color as well. I love that it is mite and mold resistant, and that it's hypoallergenic. Having dust allergies myself. This is a great pillowcase for me to have. I also love that this silky pillowcase is made one hundred percent chemical free! Review by Salma Mayer / (Posted on 5/24/2018)
Madison Butle r
Hey folks, Is the U.S. far much better off staying with Syria's Assad? Review by Kyle Morris / (Posted on 5/19/2018)
I see that there is silk pillowcase I, silk pillowcase II and so on at your website. Could you please tell me the difference between these silk pillowcases? Thank you~ Review by Paula / (Posted on 5/18/2018)
love it!
I am very happy with my pillowcase. It fits my king size pillow perfectly! I have washed it several times and hang to dry and it comes out in great condition. I do love the feel of silk on my face while falling asleep. Review by JT / (Posted on 5/17/2018)
Great silk pillowcase
The pillowcase is soft and comfortable and I've slept great on it and can tell it easier on my hair than traditional cotton pillowcases. Review by Tanyal / (Posted on 5/16/2018)
Love it!!!
It makes all the difference in the world with my hair. Keeps it from being wild in the morning. Review by B J Holley / (Posted on 5/15/2018)
Happy happy happy
My pillowcase arrived a few days ago, and I was really happy. It has almost a silk feel to it, and it is very soft. Review by MrsEmilyS / (Posted on 5/13/2018)
Happy customer
By getting this set of sheet, although a great expense of our family, we all agree that it deserves. Inexpensive comforters are actual a waste of money although they are cheap but they have to be changed regularly. It must be made by very very professional specialist and you must be an expert on the silk sheets. As I know the best silk sheets should be in 400 thread account and 19 momme, as your description, it is. My friend Casie and I shopped yesterday, went to the plaza and in a bedding store, I felt the first-class sheet, really horrible. I am stunning with your pieces. I am pregnant now and plan to set a baby room for my toddler, yours sheets will be my exclusive choice. Review by Laura / (Posted on 5/12/2018)
love the feel of sleeping on it!
I have been using the case for over a week now (time for a washing?), and I'm impressed that it doesn't look crumply or drooled on, and hasn't collected any oily spots from my face — qualities I like to see out of a pillowcase, as I'm rather particular about keeping a nice-looking bed. I'd recommend for the way it feels, the hair-taming results, and the sheer amount of use you'll get out of it while getting your eight (uh, six?) hours in. Review by Rita / (Posted on 5/11/2018)
God bless you!
My mother always curled her hair and it was a mess. My sweetie bought her a silk pillowcase from you with the amount of love that goes into making my parents a good sleep, Oh, somewhat amazing, my mon cannot get to sleep any more with much excitement for her hair shiny again as sleeping on the pillowcase. Beautiful work of ark of the piece. I love my mother deeply and thank you so much for your effort of it. Review by Barbie / (Posted on 5/11/2018)
Save my hair
I have the craziest Asian long hairs which get tangled every morning (it probably won't help since my sleep style is a bit rough). Since I switch to this pillowcase, I don't have to brush my hair like crazy and less mess to clean up in my bathroom. Review by CrystalCat / (Posted on 5/4/2018)
They were surprisingly good for the price. They have been very soft and comfortable.
Review by Paerker / (Posted on 5/3/2018)
Frizzy hair savior
As a curly girl, I bought this pillow to reduce the frizziness of second and third day hair. The silk definitely helps! I also love that it feels nice and cool. And silk doesn't snag at all. You'll never use satin again. Review by Bonnie B / (Posted on 5/2/2018)
no wrinkles!
able. The silk pillow cases when you wake up have no lines on your face. No lines hopefully no wrinkles! Review by pam medlin / (Posted on 4/26/2018)
Everything I hoped for in a Silk Pillowcase
Very pleased by the weight and feel of the silk fabric. Used last night for first time and awoke this morning without any impression from pillowcase on face... also, hair in better shape, less loss on first AM combing. For one night of use, pleasantly surprised and glad that I finally placed this order. Review by Matthew Solowey / (Posted on 4/24/2018)
Great buy!
I chose this pillow case because it was silk on both sides & did not have a zipper. I washed it as soon as it arrived. Cold water wash, low heat in the dryer. It is soft as can be & I can already tell a huge difference in my hair when I wake up. Great buy! Review by Christa Carey / (Posted on 4/21/2018)
extremely soft and silky feeling
I ordered this Pure Silk Pillow Case from Mulberry Park Silks for my daughter. She has baby fine hair that tangles severely and I have heard that good silk pillowcase helps prevent this. I will say this is one of the softest pillowcases I have ever felt. This pillowcase is made with 100% Pure Mulberry Silk. And as an added benefit it helps prevent sleep wrinkles. Not that my daughter is overly worried about that yet! The pillowcase is free of chemicals and dyes. If you are concerned about thread count, this one is 400 thread count. As I said it is extremely soft and silky feeling. Feels cool to the touch. Review by Dallas T. / (Posted on 4/20/2018)
Since using this pillowcase, I can say that is no longer happening. This case stays so cool, and it keeps my head nice and cool which means better sleep for me! This pillowcase is supposed to be really great for preventing wrinkles and preventing tangled hair. It is naturally hypoallergenic. It is 100% silk. Everyone should rest their head on such luxury! Review by Arya Gilmore / (Posted on 4/18/2018)
Happy purchase
I bought these in the hope of reducing the amount of creases I get in the night by sleeping with my face in my pillow (can never sleep on my back). Well they really do the trick so money well spent. Had to order more because my hubby thought they were a good idea so we're both happy now. They were very prompt with the delivery too, so win win all round. Review by Andrea Allen / (Posted on 4/17/2018)
Love this, great on hot nights. The silk feels cool. This pillowcase is so soft and makes it very easy to fall asleep on. Review by Brijlall Sooklall / (Posted on 4/15/2018)
Gift for my mom, and she loves it!!!
My mom loves a silk pillowcase, so when I was offered the Silk 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase with Hidden Zipper for Hair and Skin, I knew she would love a new one. I gave it to her for a gift, just because and she has been using it ever since. She says it washes beautifully and it feels much better than her old ones. The quality is great . This is a great product for anyone that loves silk pillowcases. She also loves mint green, so the color was perfect for her too. Review by Maisie / (Posted on 4/10/2018)
Excellent Purchase!
Soft, silky and luxurious. I bought these two pillowcases few weeks ago and they are still as soft as ever. I don't wash them on the delicate cycle or anything special, just throw them in with the rest of the linens and they are still soft and perfect. An excellent purchase. Review by Sophie / (Posted on 4/7/2018)
Pleasant Purchase!
Great if giving as a gift. I kept these for myself though and am very happy with them. The pillowcases are large enough to fit longer pillow in them. They also provided a little history on silk and the health benefits as well as an eye mask which I find very useful because it is so soft. Very happy with this purchase and the customer service was exceptional! Review by Lolita / (Posted on 4/6/2018)
Beautiful and comfortable!
This is a beautiful pillowcase! It is very well made and nice looking. The pillowcase looks really nice and expensive. It fits my silk filled pillow perfectly! I couldn't be more pleased! My husband was pleased too and we’re considering buy some new duvet covers from ElleSilk! Review by Jodie / (Posted on 4/4/2018)
I bought the queen size. Nice feeling when lying down on the silk pillowcase. But I find it is a bit on the big size for my pillow, which could be because I like the pillow, and don't want to change it. Review by Zola / (Posted on 4/4/2018)
Great investment for your hair and skin!
.... love these. My hair is less frizzy in the morning and I don't have lines on my face. About to order extra for when we travel. Review by Brett A Shepherd / (Posted on 5/8/2017)
Very nice soft pillowcase, I love the way my hair doesn't totally mess up at night. Review by Ms. Dimblebee / (Posted on 5/5/2017)

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