Buy Silk Comforters and have a Great Sleep

silk comforters Are you thinking to buy a new comforter? Are you tired of changing your comforter sets every now and then? If yes, then perhaps you are missing out some exceptional comforters-mulberry silk comforters.

Mulberry silk comforters are the epitome of comfort while you sleep. The characteristics of long-strand silk fibers ensure silk comforters are equally as warm as but considerably less heavy than traditional comforters. Mulberry silk comforters lightly drapes around your body as opposed to suffocating as is the case with a standard comforter. The moment you have experienced the benefits and luxury of silk comforters they are extremely difficult to think about sleeping under anything else. Silk comforters are naturally occurring protein and for that reason are far less accommodating to dust mites. These bed bugs can induce allergic reactions including eczema, asthma or rhinitis. Up to twenty thousand dust mites have been found in a single mattress. Making the bed with silk bedding from China dramatically reduces the quantity of dust mites in the bed.

Mulberry silk comforters are great investment that can offer you healthy, soft and hydrated skin, a comfortable sleep. Of course, a luxurious feeling that no other man made material can match.

How to Wash Silk Bedding in Easy Steps

silk bedding Silk is a delicate and luxurious fabric that is good to use as beddings. It is also one of the few materials that can be used year-round. Silk bedding requires special care when cleaned and most manufacturers will instruct the customer to dry clean their silk bedding. However, frequent trips to the dry cleaners can quickly empty your wallet. They are not completely necessary because with care it is possible to hand wash silk with water and soap. To wash silk bedding, use these following steps.

  1. Wash silk bedding by hand if you have doubts that it can be safely washed in a machine. Run cool water into a clean laundry tub or bath tub. Add a small amount of gentle detergent and agitate the water with your hand to make a suds.
  2. Place the silk bedding in the water and gently swish it with your hands. Allow the bedding to soak for a few minutes, then drain the tub and press out as much water from the fabric as possible without wringing the material. Fill the tub with cool water for rinsing. Gently swish the bedding again, then drain the water and press out as much water as you can. Rinse the bedding a second time if any soap remains in the rinse water.
  3. Remove the bedding from the tub. You may need help with this step, since wet bedding is very heavy. Hang the comforter and sheet in a spot where all sides can dry evenly. If you suspend the comforter and sheet from a clothesline, place it over two or three lines, if possible, to help take weight off the fabric.

Washing silk bedding sets by hand is easy. It will save you time and money to the dry cleaners. Use gentle detergent to get rid of the dirt. Follow these steps to complete the task.


Have a Good Sleep on Silk Bedding Sets

silk bedding sets With the advantages of smooth, soft, and good ventilation, silk bedding sets are referred to as “Bedding Queen”. With its unique charm, silk bedding sets have won people’s favor from all ages.

It has been proved that silk are very important for us to keep a regular sleep. Silk bedding sets are different from those common ones. In the summer, silk bedding can be faster to take away people’s sweat than others, you will have sense of cool and smooth on silk bedding sets. We all know that one main reason that may affect your sleep quality is your body temperature. Scientists have found that the changes of our body temperature have a huge effect on our biological clock. While silk bedding can keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Selecting mulberry silk bedding sets comforters and experiencing their smooth texture, good breathability and 100% natural protein fibers. May you a good sleep on silk bedding each night and a happy mood every day!

Unique Feel and Comfort Silk Robe

silk robe A silk robe will be one of your most favorite items in your wardrobe, representing the very essence of elegant and sexy nightwear.

Women have sensitive skin and they often suffer from eczema or even dry skin. It is difficult to keep skin issues under control with sleepwear that causes even more problems. The silk robe is made of 100% natural silk without chemicals or irritating colorant. Furthermore mulberry silk robe also has a very fine structure. One silk thread is thinner than a hair which reduces all sorts of irritation, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Because of the very way the silk robe is processed and the way the silk robe is produced. Mulberry white silk robe will become your favorite sleepwear.

The Superior Breathability of Silk Bed Sheets

silk bed sheets Silk bedding are a high impact addition to any bedroom. The presence of silk bed sheets on your bed offer a special type of opulence that make you feel like royalty. Silk sheets can help you get a good night’s sleep and also keep you warm when cold and cool when hot.

In order to fully understand how silk bedding can help you sleep in comfort, you need to understand the main difference between silk sheets and traditional sheets. Unlike cotton or synthetic fabrics, silk sheets have a unique quality that allows your bedding to breathe. It helps you maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the night, meaning you will never overheat or feel cold. Feeling too cold or too hot during the night is one of the main causes of sleep disturbances. Therefore, silk sheets that allow you to enjoy a consistent body temperature need to be made of silk bed sheets to ensure your total comfort. This is especially true if you often overheat at night or are experiencing symptoms of menopause.

Drape your bedroom in luxurious black silk bed sheets and experience elegance and the most comfortable feeling.

Update Your Bedroom with Blue Silk Sheets

blue silk sheets No matter who you are there are times when we all need a bit of pampering, and blue silk sheets can turn a plain bedroom into a royal bed chamber. Even without access to a regal budget, you too can sleep like a king or queen in these exquisite blue silk sheets.

Since bedrooms are more private rooms than living rooms or dining rooms, it’s a little easier to take design risks without messing up the color scheme of an open floor plan. Try changing your bedding with the changing of the seasons! Blue silk sheets will give your bedroom a summery feel. Blue silk sheets are also the perfect anniversary or Valentine’s day gift. A close friend of ours gave us the luxurious gift of blue silk sheets for a wedding present, but why waiting for a special occasion?

Mulberry blue silk sheets are perfect for every day, so let the royal bedding selection begin.

Where to Buy Comfortable Silk Bedding Sets

silk bedding sets Few things are more luxurious than silk bedding sets. From the elegant shine and classic beauty of the material to the soft, sumptuous feeling against the skin, silk bedding sets bring true luxury to the bedroom, transforming the look of a room and facilitating comfort and rest. Incorporating silk bedding sets into your bedroom decor is an easy and economical way to maximize your room’s peaceful atmosphere and comfort potential.

Silk bedding sets provide a unique tactile sensation with a combination of unusual softness and coolness. Perfect for warm summer night cool silk bedding sets refresh skin and do not stick to skin that is overly warm or damp. Instead, it glides over the skin and provides just the right amount of covering without adding heat. However, silk bedding sets also warms up nicely in cooler weather, making it the perfect choice for bedding from season to season.

Shop luxury silk bedding sets have a lovely, smooth finish that has exceptional longevity, even after extensive wash and wear. The online store offers a full-line of satin bedding such as flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, bed skirts, and pillow shams, with products available in even hard to find sizes.

Visit us to find out more silk bedding sets. We are passionate about silk so if you have any more questions please leave them in the comment box below!

What You Didn’t Know About Mulberry Silk Sheets

100% mulberry silk sheets Such 100% mulberry silk sheets are known for being the most comfortable against bare skin. Because the 100% mulberry silk sheets make it possible to move effortlessly in bed without getting tangled up or having the problem of twisted sheets, the body can rest peacefully and awake feeling renewed and restored.

Once you have experienced your first 100% mulberry silk sheets, you are unlikely to go back to plain old cotton, as it would almost be an offense to your body. Treating oneself to 100% mulberry silk sheets takes your sleeping experience to the next level of comfort—comfort that is unmatched by the run-of-the-mill cotton sheets. Even cotton sheets with a high thread count pale in comparison to the opulence and luxury of 100% mulberry silk sheets.

Even the couple that has been married for years can rejuvenate their night with new 100% mulberry silk sheets. Silk has been known to play the role of both aphrodisiac and soother, as it provides unmatched comfort and softness that automatically puts the body in a happier place. Experiencing sleepless nights? 100% mulberry silk sheets may provide the comfort you need to drift off to sleep in no time.

How to Wash Luxury Bed Linen

luxury bed linen In ancient China, luxury bed linen was a status symbol and only available to the wealthy. Today, anybody can purchase this luscious fabric and enjoy the benefits of having luxury bed linen. Luxury bed linen should be washed by hand the first two to three times, but after that it is OK to launder them in a washing machine as long as you use the proper method.

Inspect the luxury bed linen for any stains and attempt to remove gently with warm water and a soft sponge. Do not scrub vigorously. Set the washing machine to the delicate cycle and ensure that the water is lukewarm. Don’t use the extra spin cycle; it is hard on silk fabric and can cause damage. Add mild laundry detergent and fabric softener if desired. Use the amount recommended by the brand that you are using. Put the luxury bed linen in the washing machine for the set cycle time. Hang them on a clothesline and allow to the luxury bed linen dry in an area out of direct sunlight, which can cause damage. Luxury bed linen can also be dried in the dryer on the lowest temperature setting.

Luxury bed linen usually shrinks slightly the first few times they are washed. This is normal and not cause for concern. Wash silk bed linen separately from other laundry to prevent damage.

Should I Wash New Silk Sheets Before Using

silk sheets Brand new silk sheets are generally wrinkle-free, smell nice and feature deep, rich colors. Every washing-and-drying cycle moves your silk sheets one step closer to the trash bin, so using silk sheets right out of the package helps prolong their durability and allows the consumer to enjoy the silk sheets’ new look and feel after purchase.

If your skin is reasonably robust and your nose sufficiently tolerant, or if you just can’t be bothered, then don’t wash new silk sheets. It is not exactly dangerous, and you could argue that you save water, electricity and laundry detergent. By not washing the silk sheets unless it is dirty, you do a service to the environment.

Washing or not washing new 100% mulberry silk sheets is a matter of preference. If you like your silk sheets soft and smelling nicely, wash. If you want to save work, time and money, then don’t.