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Silk sleepwear is soft to the touch, lovely to wear and incredibly comfy to sleep in.

How to Wash Silk Pajamas

silk pajamasSilk pajamas are one of the world’s most luxurious fabrics and have been sought after for centuries. But dry cleaning is expensive! Use these steps to wash silk pajamas thoroughly and without having to take it to the dry cleaners. Silk is a fabric made from natural fibers created by moth caterpillars. Good for both summer and winter wear, silk pajamas is a delicate fabric that requires special care when cleaned.

Check color fastness of silk pajamas first by treating hidden part of clothing. Soak the fabric in lukewarm water with a mild soap for about 5 minutes or less. Make sure the water is not too cold or too hot as this will stretch or shrink the silk pajamas. Rub stains very lightly under the soap-water, careful not to rub too hard as this can damage the silk pajamas irreparably. Rinse with water containing 1/4 cup vinegar. This will remove the soap and help restore shine. Final rinse the silk pajamas with cold water alone. Take out of the water and wring excess water out by spreading the silk pajamas out on a towel and rolling it up. The towel will absorb the water, and the garment will get an effective, yet mild wringing. Leave the silk pajamas on the towel and let it dry somewhat.

Use an iron on low heat to lightly press the silk pajamas. Do not iron the outside of the material, but on the inside that is not seen. After ironing, either put the luxury silk pajamas on a padded hanger to cool, or lay scarves, etc. flat on a table or bed.

Silk Pajamas is the Most Comfortable Choice

silk pajamasWe’re always looking for the most comfortable silk pajamas to wear while we sleep. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortably hot or too cold in our sleepwear when we settle in for the night. Other types of pajamas made of flannel, cotton or man-made fabrics seem to rub us in all the wrong places and can feel rough on sensitive skin. If you’re unhappy with your current sleepwear, it’s time to try silk pajamas. Silk pajamas are lightweight, breathable, and made of high quality mulberry silk.

Quality silk is essential for the most comfortable silk pajamas, and this is why using the same mulberry silk in silk pajamas. High-quality silk pajamas will drape around your body gently and will not pull, rub or irritate your skin like other fabrics tend to do. The amazing temperature regulating properties of mulberry silk pajamas will allow you to feel comfortable while you sleep no matter if it’s summer or winter. You will never feel too cold or too hot in silk pajamas. In addition, silk pajamas also help to keep a consistent level of moisture in your skin. You will never dehydrate wearing mulberry silk pajamas and you will not perspire either. Silk pajamas are highly breathable allowing air and moisture to circulate freely, regulating both the temperature and water content of your skin.

Quality silk pajamas for women are made of mulberry silk, which also implies exquisite seams, symmetry of cut, and an overall luxurious look and feel. For the ultimate in comfort, start sleeping in silk pajamas tonight!

History of the Silk Dressing Gown

silk dressing gownNowadays, only a very small number of men still wear a silk dressing gown, which is rather sad. Due to the lack of demand for the last few decades, there are only a handful of manufacturers left that produce top-notch silk dressing gown. By far the most gowns today come with a shawl collar in the wrap-around style. Only the most expensive off-the-rack silk dressing gown comes with velvet lapels and cuffs or other luxurious trimmings. Of course, there is always the option to go bespoke, and every good shirt maker should be able to tailor a beautiful mulberry dressing gown but it is rather costly.

Men’s silk dressing gown can easily be dated back to the 17th century. This silk dressing gown was only worn inside and sometimes called Indian or Persian silk dressing gown due to their Eastern origin and Oriental cut, was similar to a kimono. Just like today, silk dressing gown did not have buttons and were instead worn with a sash. Alternatively, silk dressing gown had frogged button closures, which can now be found on Smoking Jackets. In the 19th century, silk dressing gown proved to be particularly suited to the gentleman for his morning toilette as well as in the evening. By the 1860’s the silk dressing gown had mostly evolved into its current shape, cut with a broad rolling shawl collar, which reached almost to the waist and a string or a sash.

In the beginning of the twentieth century, central heating was still an uncommon luxury and consequently, silk dressing gown was primarily functional and necessary to stay warm while at home. This trend continued, and by the mid-twenties, a fashion-conscious man was almost as thoughtful in choosing his mulberry silk dressing gown as in choosing his topcoat.

Why Choosing Mulberry Silk Robe in Summer

silk robeAs the rising of weather, we have to change thick robes for winter with a thinner one for summer. There are so many different kinds of robes in the market. How to choose the most suitable one? Why is silk robe chosen by more and more people?

In the past, many people like to choose cotton robe because it is cheap and traditional. Meanwhile, many people also like to choose a fiber robe since they think it is breathable. Actually, silk robe has numerous air hole that it is much breathable than fiber robe. The heat from the body will release from the holes that you will feel cool even in hot summer. Those heat remained in the hole will play an important role in keeping you warm in winter. As a result, the more holes your silk robe has, the better function of keeping warm and cool silk robe will have.

There are also many advantages of a silk robe, such as durability and easy clean. If you have never tried white silk robe before, then you can give yourself a chance to experience real comfort and finest quality of sleep. You will never want to go back to cotton or any other materials if you have realized huge advantages of silk robe. Spend a comfortable and cool summer together with silk robe!

Silk Nightwear for Men is a Luxury Gift

silk nightwear for menMulberry silk nightwear for men is certainly a luxury, but it also has big benefits. The soft and strong substance not only protects silkworms when they are in the pupil stage but can also have enormous effects on those who wear silk nightwear. When spun into silk nightwear, silk may help alleviate certain skin conditions, help ease the heat and prevent the effects of aging. Read on to find out why you should choose silk nightwear.

Pure silk nightwear is a tasteful gift. This is because it can be worn even in front of the company, which is not something that can be said of all lingerie or sleepwear. The wearer can dress early for bed and get up in the morning out of bed and walk around the house or dorm without for saking his modesty.

Another reason that silk nightwear is a choice gift is that they are classically beautiful. Silk nightwear comes in nearly every color or pattern you could wish for. You can choose from stripes, solids, plaid, and many more. Your choices of silk nightwear for men in this direction are virtually endless.

Unique Feel and Comfort Silk Robe

silk robeA silk robe will be one of your most favorite items in your wardrobe, representing the very essence of elegant and sexy nightwear.

Women have sensitive skin and they often suffer from eczema or even dry skin. It is difficult to keep skin issues under control with sleepwear that causes even more problems. The silk robe is made of 100% natural silk without chemicals or irritating colorant. Furthermore mulberry silk robe also has a very fine structure. One silk thread is thinner than a hair which reduces all sorts of irritation, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Because of the very way the silk robe is processed and the way the silk robe is produced. Mulberry white silk robe will become your favorite sleepwear.