Brief Present of Tussah Silk

Tussah Silk

We discussed before about cultivated silk and wild silk, and we will introduce tussah silk today, especially you are planning buy a set of silk pajamas.

Tussah silk is a wild silk. Its shape and color are less uniform than mulberry silk because the worms are not fed an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves. Instead they have to fend for themselves and eat what they can find such as oak leaves. The tannin in the leaves affects the color of the filament thread the silkworm weaves which means the thread will range in color from a light off white to a dark tan. It has a rougher texture than cultivated silk but is still beautiful. It typically has little to no luster to it, so it is often used as fabrics of luxury attires, instead of silk bed linens.

Silk dressing gown made of tussah silk touches very soft, and has gorgeous elastic attribute. Cheaper than mulberry silk, it is still a great choice.