High quality silk bedding Safety and easy to care

About the safety, many of you may not understand what it means, that is mainly for the babies and children. As we all know, silk is a naturally fire retardant material which makes it a wonderful choice as silk sheets. It is a highly recommended bedding choice for your babies and children.

And another, most of you may not know how to care for your silk linen and silk duvets, because the silk bedding is made of special fibre and you don’t want to wash it as the common quilt. Ways for caring provided now, Although silk sheets should be hand washed for the first few times, most can then be machine washed on the gentle or hand washable cycle of your washing machine using a gentle soap and cool water. Then they should be air dried out of direct sunlight which won’t take long because silk dries fast.

Silk comforters are even easier to care for, so much so that they are nearly maintenance free. A silk comforter should always have a duvet cover on it to protect the comforter. Wash the cover regularly and air out the silk comforter periodically. The silk bedding should not need to be cleaned because it naturally repels mold, mildew, and dust mites.

Do not consider your silk sets as a arrogant one, it is as soft as you see and easy to care, comfortable to sleep on!

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