How to Dry and Iron Silk Sheets

twin size silk sheetsAfter cleaning your 100% mulberry silk sheets, it’s time to make it dry…Just follow us!

Keep the sheets out of direct sunlight, as this causes the fabric to fade, particularly in darker-colored sheets. If you don’t have an outdoor clothesline or the weather is prohibitive, you can machine dry your sheets. Use the lowest temperature setting or set the dryer to “air”. Iron silk sheets when they’re barely damp. In most cases, ironing won’t be necessary, as washed and dried silk quickly returns to its former shape unless it has been through vigorous wringing. Still, you may want your silk sheets to have a crisper look. Apply a cool iron on the reverse, non-shiny side of the sheet only and do this when they are still slightly wet.

If these are all done, your twin size silk sheets will actually get nice, smooth surface and have a fresh look.