Luxury Silk Bedding Care

silk bedding

Silk is a great fiber, and its durability is exceptional. It is remarkably strong but very soft and sensual. That is why so much care should be given so that you can use it as your bedding in excellent condition for a long time. If you have silk bedding and you would like to clean it, then this article can help you.

When you need to wash luxury silk bedding, the first thing to remember is never use bleach. Bleach makes a nasty looking stain that will never go away. You will need a mild detergent that is specially formulated for silk bedding. Woo lite works well, but some silk bedding companies have their pet brands they prefer so check the tags. Dryers are rough on silk bedding so airing your bedding outside is the preferred method of drying.

Cleaning silk bedding can be done once a month. Having silk bedding sets comforters cleaned too often can cause subtle damage.