The Tips to Store Silk Bedding

silk bedding setThis post provides some simple tips on how to make luxury bedding like silk blanket that you want to have last for years.

Store silk in a cool, dark and dry place. Airtight containers are perfect for silk storage as they prevent moisture damage. If you do not have an airtight container or are storing luxury bedding set for a short period, putting packs of silica gel in the folds and around the outside of the sheets will absorb excess moisture. To repel insects, such as moths which can wreak destruction on all bedding, it is not advisable to use mothballs as this can leave a strong odour in the fabric, which is unpleasant and difficult to remove. Cedar wood balls are a great natural alternative repellent which you can place in the cupboard on and around your silk bedding for protection.

If you follow the suggestion to store your silk bedding set, it will make each set last for a really long time.