Benefits of Sleeping on Silk Bed Linen

silk bed linenThere are some real health benefits in sleeping on silk bed linens.

As a poor conductor of heat silk bed linen fabric balances ambient and body temperatures so keeping you a constant temperature as you sleep. Pure silk bed linen is lightweight, breathable and absorbent. Silk bed linen is renowned for its hypoallergenic properties, calming itchy skin. This calming effect is especially found when using satin silk bed linen as the smooth surface glides over skin. Many people who suffer with eczema and other conditions causing irritation to the skin find that using silk bed linen much reduces their symptoms and in many cases eliminates them completely. The soft gliding properties also make pure silk bed linen a beauty aid. Conventional cotton pillowcases can be harsh and drag on delicate facial skin causing wrinkles. Many celebrities choose silk bed linen for this reason alone. Silk bed linen is constructed with long strings of proteins are very similar to those found in our skin and hair.

Because the silk bed linen doesn’t tug and pull at your hair as you move during the night it keeps your hair looking great.