Best Anti-Allergy Silk Sheet Sets

silk sheet setsSilk is hypoallergenic, doesn’t retain moisture, and contains some of the same amino acids that you’ll find in skin moisturizers. Silk sheet sets are also considered cleaner than cotton sheet sets, and are more resistant to mites.

If you like everything to match, you may have a problem with silk sheets. An easy fix would be to buy the entire set of silk bedding, but not everyone likes to sleep on silk pillowcase because they can feel slippery. Silk bedding can also get expensive, but I guess that’s a potential drawback of any quality pillowcase.

One of the other popular benefits associated with mulberry silk sheets is for wrinkles. Evidently, dermatologists and plastic surgeons can tell what side you sleep on because your body gets creased and wrinkled from lying against a cotton sheet for one-third of your life. Silk is supposed to help reduce these creases.