Care for your seamless silk sheets, do not be cheated!

Though we know the seamless silk sheets may not the best quality, many people still prefer to have silk bedding without any seams and will check to see if the silk bedding sets is seamless before they check anything else such as the type of silk used and the weight of the fabric. Warning, care for your choice, do not be cheated!silk duvets

One of my friends recently purchased silk sheets and was only interested in looking for seamless ones because he perceived them as being of the best quality. He was right and he was wrong. Pure silk seamless sheets are the best quality, but he didn’t read any further on the label to notice the sheets he was buying were a blend of wild silk and another fabric that have been woven together to create a blended fabric wider than 45 inches. He got the sheets for a great price, one that was too good to be true. He now realizes why the sheets were so affordable. They are of inferior quality and are quickly wearing out.

High quality, 100 percent, seamless bedding is available but it does come at a higher cost than seamed silk bedding. There are some producers of silk who use specially made oversize looms to weave the fabric in order to produce a high quality wide width seamless silk.

Spend you money on the real good silk sheets.

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