Choosing Silk Bedding for Bedroom Decor

silk beddingSilk bedding was first discovered by the Chinese in 6000 BC. It soon became a popular luxury fabric that was in high demand. Emperors of China tried to keep silk bedding a secret but by 300 AD the practice has been established in India.

Well known as the ultimate in luxury, silk bedding also has extraordinary properties and health benefits for the skin and hair. Silk bedding is breathable and has natural hypoallergenic properties making is excellent for those will allergies. Silk bedding either traps air next to the skin to keep you warm in the cold, or draws it away from the body in hotter temperature. Silk bedding fibres are extraordinarily strong and resilient. Weight for weight silk bedding is stronger than steel. In fact until World War 1 some bulletproof vests were even made from silk. There are many different types of silk bedding including: chiffon, crepe de chine, charmeuse, jacquard & douppioni. The most traditional being charmeuse a shimmery satin weave used for clothing and pure silk bedding. The finest quality silk comes from the mulberry silk moth (Bombyx mori) that feeds on Mulberry leaves. It takes more than 5,000 silk worms to produce just one kilogram of silk.

Overall mulberry silk bedding is a hugely beneficial fibre and some better than any other bedding choice on the market.